Won’t you please join in?

I decided yesterday at approximately 2:00 pm that this is going to be Dish Week. Due to a little spate of thrifting luck + another blogger’s generosity, my cupboards runneth over with lovely dishes at the moment and I’ve decided that it’s high time for some show & tell.

Want to play?

I’ve never started a theme before and I think you’re supposed to announce it a week in advance (or something), but I’m running a little late. So sometime before Friday, take a pic or two of your favorite dishes and leave a comment with a link so we can all enjoy them. They can be vintage or new, lovely or weird, porcelain or plastic. The main thing is to fish grandma’s cheese tray out of hiding and show us what you’ve got!

Okay, so I’m going to start off with my new favorite cups. These came all the way from Kristy in England, and I l.o.ve. them.

New pyrex cups from Kristy (Vintage Pleasure).

Mm, nothing like cheerful Pyrex flowers to make your day happier.

The cups conveniently match my happy coffee pot.

And they even match my favorite thrifted coffee pot!


10 thoughts on “Won’t you please join in?

  1. LOVE the teapot! It’s been my secret wish to start collecting them … I have two cute tiny two-serving ones so far, but I haven’t gotten serious about it … someday. :)

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  3. i want to play too. but i think my mother-in-law would murder me if i started posting dishes all week, instead of new grand baby pictures. but we will have something up before friday for sure.

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