Dish week, day 2.

I thought about titling this post “What, she still thrifts?” but my jury’s still out on using “thrift” as a verb. It’s one thing to say that you went thrifting on Saturday, but I still can’t wrap my head around some of the stranger ways in which I’ve seen it used.

Okay, on to the dishes. I spotted these as soon as I stepped through the door of Palouse Treasures last Friday (mum, these are the ones I was telling you about).  They were spread all over a small shelf to full advantage – isn’t that much nicer than splitting a set up and requiring the poor customer to search every nook and cranny for one more plate? Yes, I did search just in case, but I didn’t find any more.

My new thrifted dish set.

The dishes are fairly old (50s, maybe?) and not in particularly good condition, but I count that as a plus since it means that I’m not afraid to use them. Only the plates have a marking underneath — American Ironstone. I think that’s actually the maker of my other favorite set of dishes as well, so they seem to have turned out some nice patterns. Don’t you just love the blue flowers?!

More cups to add to my collection.

The only downside to the purchase was that someone got a little carried away with the tagging machine about put 3 or 4 or 5 price stickers on every singe piece. As in, one on top, one on each side, and one on the bottom. This may seem like a mild annoyance, but it took about an hour to scrape all of them off and I still have a lot of sticky messes to deal with.

I was growing a little upset about this when Josh pointed out that the thrift store employs a number of mentally handicapped people and that they are probably responsible for tagging items. Er, I repent of my bad feelings. But it was still a lot of labels.

Any more dish sets out there…?


2 thoughts on “Dish week, day 2.

  1. I use rubber cement thinner and a sharp knife to remove sticky tags. It works great on books too, leaving no sticky residue behind.

    My dishes are white and unexciting. Perfect for a distraction-less eating experience.

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