What, she still knits?

As the final leg in my project-finishing marathon, I present to you…my new hat and scarf set!

New hat & scarf.

(Am I the only one who feels like a dork while trying to take photos of one’s self in a semi-public location? I stepped into the alley next to our apartment to take these, and I think that some people were watching. And wondering.)

I didn’t follow a pattern for either item, unless you count “knit until you come to the end, and then stop” as a pattern of sorts. Nope, as soon as anything resembling gauges and counting and needle size comes into the picture, I become all thumbs. (Okay, I still count, but it’s in a very laid back 80-sounds-like-enough sort of way. )

I started the scarf a couple of months ago as my on-the-bus project, which means that I only worked on it for about 15 minutes a day. It’s actually not a bad way to knit, if you’re patient…it’s just really slow.

In retrospect, I should have made it thicker or something because it tends to fold over on itself and get really skinny. Or may I should just say it’s a skinny scarf and that I wanted it to be that way.

My first ear flaps!

So, after finishing the scarf, I had enough yarn left to make a hat. I’d been envying other people’s hats with earflaps for a while, so I decided to make my own. I thought and thought about the best way to attach the earflaps without a seam, and in the end I decided to take a new-to-me approach and start at the top rather than at the bottom. I had to work out the pattern on top a few times since anything that disrupted my counting meant that I forgot what my pattern was and I had to start over (mm, I guess this is where written instructions would have helped).

I started from the top and worked my way down.

You can’t tell from the photos, but the cords on the earflaps have cute bouncy pompoms at the end. And then I stuck some on the scarf, too, for good measure.

Pompoms everywhere.

(Note the cute new shoes, courtesy of Ross.)

This will probably be my last post of the week since I need to work on the Ren Fair poster tomorrow…it turns out that I made my painting a little too small, which means that I have to re-scan it at a higher resolution and size it up. This is not particularly good news, since illustrations almost always look better when they are made smaller and very rarely look better when they are made larger. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thank you all for your kind comments this week, and I guess we’ll find out on Monday who the Amy Butler contest winners are!

Trying to get the shot (and missing).

(Oh, yesterday’s favorite search term: “fat chihuahua.” ???)


5 thoughts on “What, she still knits?

  1. Very cute pic, Paula. Hey, go to my parents flickr sight to see their destroyed home. Or goto global news BC Global news stories
    and then find Home uninhabitable. We are so thankful they are still alive.

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