My baby is punk.

Camilla just woke up this way one morning last week, so I had honestly had nothing to do with this.

My baby is punk.

In addition to the hair, I think she has a very teenage look on her face that just cracks me up.

I should have posted these right away because they already seem very dated by the fact that she wasn’t standing up yet.

Pulling herself up is her new favorite activity.

She spent a day or so pulling herself up to her knees, but that wasn’t good enough. Oh no, this baby’s got to stand. (She’s got to stand far more than she’s got to crawl, which is still that belly-scootchy thing even though I know she can get up on all fours if she wants to.)

Now that she’s standing, I have pushed my walking predictions up a bit. Maybe by the end of May? The Beans, incidentally, should be living in fear of that day. For now, she can daintily walk away whenever the baby gets too close. But as soon as Camilla can walk…

The Beans has no respect for a baby learning to crawl.

(There’s no real explanation for the rest of these. They’re just excessively cute.)

The "ooo" face.

I mentioned our one-computer situation in my last post and it is, of course, the reason why this one is so slow as well. After thinking about it, however, I told husband that we could last through the end of the summer on one computer. This is tremendously inconvenient but — I think — better for my soul. For me, having a computer around is sort of like watching daytime tv: so difficult to do in moderation that it’s usually just best not to do it all. It would be very nice to be able to edit photos and write blog posts and work on the occasional graphic design job, but that usually spills over to poking around blogs with one hand while trying to keep the baby amused with the other. And that’s not why I’m staying at home. That’s just lazy.

Anyhow, the computer situation may be the death-knell for the blog, but I’ll try to keep popping in every once in a while with a bunch of photos for the grandparents and other interested parties. During my precious snatches of computer time I am working rather frantically on some other projects, but when they’re done I might have a lull (she said, optimistically).

In the meantime, how about some more of this face to tide you over?

Pleased with her own success.

And this one?

It says, put down the camera and the computer and play with me, mommy!

And I shall oblige.

Catching up.

Well, I didn’t mean to neglect the poor little blog for so long. We had a wonderful visit from my family in March and then rolled right into Easter and all the associated goings-on. Then came husband’s spring break, after which we have been down to one computer. And in a household with two adults, one of whom legitimately needs it much more than the other, you can guess what happens.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been taking photos, of course. I have a huuuuuge backlog of photos. However, they often only make it as far as my flickr account and then languish there for days (weeks, months) before getting blogged about. Given the extent of this problem combined with the human tendency to find old news less interesting than new news, I think I’m going to just give some highlights from the past month or so and not drag you through every last photo. (Grandparents, aunties, uncles, and other interested parties are welcome to hop over to flickr for the full 7 course meal if you’d like. But I think most people are fine with hors d’oeuvres.)

Oh, I should also mention that, since I am now functioning on nine-month-old baby time, photos from a month ago seem so old. I mean, that tooth was only part way in back then. And she could barely scootch. And she couldn’t pull herself up yet. My, what difference a month makes!

In summary…

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit.

Playing with grandma.

Grandpa is unfazed.

Some of us went to the beach.

A little colder than he thought...

We found shells.

Admiring the treasures.

Mom's seashell loot.

And got blasted by the wind.

Windswept parents.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Hilly came too.

They were sooooo fun to play with.

Camilla's faces were a big hit.


We went with Grandma to Krispy Kreme, where Camilla may or may not have gotten her first taste of donut.

Not a big fan of the hat.

Making sure that Isla and Camilla want to be donut bakers when they grow up...

Then we went to the park with our friends Natalie and Isla for a little photo shoot.

It was so special to have all three generations together.

Three generations.

Camilla and Grandma got to swing together again.

Swinging with grandma.

And Camilla got to swing by herself.

She also loves swinging by herself.

Our friend Lily came for a visit.

Camilla may or may not have borrowed some of her toys.

Playing with Lily.

On Easter afternoon, Camilla got to wear her dress a little longer so mommy could take photos.

(Mommy, unfortunately, had messed up her camera settings and didn’t realize until it was too late: her hair is not that red.)

We played with blocks.

Building towers.

And watching them fall.

And admired daddy’s juggling prowess.

Admiring daddy's juggling prowess.

Camilla got her first balloon.

Camilla's first balloon.

(Which was the most amazing balloon ever.)


And up it goes!

And we went for walks in the park,

Just chillin' in the stroller.

both in the stroller…

..and in the backpack.

How I love love love this backpack!

Oh, and we got some new teeth.

The five-toothed grin.

But not enough. As you can see, several more lurk beneath the surface and are causing havoc from time to time. Everyone will be very glad when they finally come through — perhaps the parents even more than the baby.

I’m hoping you can tell from these photos that we have been very busy and productive and, in light of this, excuse my absence. As long as we are sharing a computer I can’t promise that I’ll be around very much, but you can be assured that I am working very hard to keep up with a happy little babe who is learning new tricks every day. One of which I should — alas — be stopping right this instant. Must go; she has just discovered the garbage can.