Yogurt for lunch.

Camilla and I eat a big bowl of yogurt together almost every day.

This tradition has become quite popular. Today, when she was getting cranky in the nursery, I said that it was time for some yogurt and started walking toward the kitchen. She immediately perked up, said “Oyur!”, and came toddling after me. (I haven’t heard this word again since, but I was quite pleased.)

Yogurt for lunch.

Since it was raining and yucky outside and we needed something special, I decided to let her try to serve herself for once.

Using the spoon all by herself.

She did a pretty good job, in the 15 seconds before she realized that just dipping her fingers into the bowl was a lot faster.

But...fingers are faster.

And more fun.

She gave the spoon another shot.

But fingers won in the end.

(I compare the expressions here and here, and it’s amazing to see how much she’s grown.)


(As you can see, I am trying to learn to love my flash. This last week has been full of rain and grey skies and the light just isn’t any good for photos. But I feel as though Camilla’s cuteness can shine through, even if the artistry is lacking.)

Tea, please.

I have been fortunate to find a few pieces from Tea at the thrift store and I snap them up whenever I do (a $40 dress for $1.50 is the kind of deal I like.) I was looking at the new collection the other day and came across these beauties.

Don’t you just want one of everything? In, um, adult sizes as well? I doubt that any of these will be coming Camilla’s way, but there are a few things in the sale section that are pretty cute. Like this.

Might have to think about it.

Speaking of Camilla, the poor baby has a very sticky cold and is not particularly photogenic at the moment so I am giving her some time off camera. Wednesday night was rough but she slept well last night, so I think we’re on the upswing. I very briefly contemplated putting a humidifier in her room but realized that it would be difficult to make the air more humid than it already is. Sheesh. I am really missing Port Angeles and those 55 degree mornings right now. Re-entry into the South has been much sweatier than I had envisioned.

Also speaking of Camilla, I have been forced to conclude after several weeks of observation that we are entering a very screechy stage of life. Hungry? Screech. Thirsty? Screech. Fell down? Screech. Want up? Screech. You get the picture. It’s certainly worse when she’s tired, but it doesn’t really go away even when she’s perky. We’re working hard “please” + “more,” but I doubt that will happen for a while. In the meantime, any tips for turning your child’s volume down?


WordPress, Flickr and I got in a disagreement. I thought that Flickr should give me the same size photos it always has, and then I thought WordPress would make them look the way it always did. Unfortunately, my friends did not hold up their end of the bargain. In the end, it seemed easier to give the blog a little facelift than to reformat all the photos. Like it? Or is it too dark?

[Update: alright, I’m not very happy about this at all. For some reason, my old blog template started squishing my photos and the new one has a lot of little shortcomings that really irritate me. But I can’t find anything else that works and it seems that my old template isn’t available anymore anyway. Very frustrating. Any wordpress geniuses out there want to point me toward a template with a column that allows 640 pixel photos?]


So, I had written a ridiculously long and faintly witty post about our summer, but then it mysteriously vanished during the night. Annoying. And since we’ve been back from Washington for a week and vacation is over and husband is back at school, I really need to move on. Things being what they are, if I try to recreate the old post it will take me, like, two more weeks. So. Sorry not to give little explanations and whatnot, but let me say in summary that our summer was fantastic and we had a great time visiting friends and family. My camera was AWOL for three weeks so I missed a lot of photo ops (including all of our time in Pullman & Moscow), but you can see a few more photos here on my flickr page and here, here and here on my sister’s more frequently-updated blog.

This was Summer 2010. And what a lovely summer it was.

Saying hi to the family.

With May and Jannie.

With Uncle Tim.

With Susy and TJ.

Hiking as a family.

My dad.

Mt. Ranier in the background.

I think she had the best time of all.


Swinging with daddy.

At Pt. Defiance Zoo with the cousins.

Ruthie caught a bird.

The walrus.


Camilla found Ruth quite fascinating.

Pure joy.

Looking for the horses.

What, they weren't there?

Taking a nice bath in the sink.


Why can't I grab it?

Deffenbaughs + cousins.

As we really are...

Playing with grandma.

Grandma makes up the funnest games.

Finally getting to see a horse!

Horses are kind of scary up close.

Grandma feeds us danishes!

The best kind of walking practice.

Gaining confidence.

Walking with Grandpa is so much fun!

You can see that Camilla got a lot of walking practice during vacation, which is probably why she is now officially a Walker. Not the steadiest one, perhaps, but crawling is for little babies. And Camilla is a big girl. [*Sob* goes the mother.] Wow, is everything different now that we have a Walker in the house.

More updates to come.