Weeks 33 – 41.

It seems that I got a little, ahem, behind on the week photos. But they all exist, and here they are. Beatrice is such an expert roller now that I get maybe 2 or 3 shots of her on her back before she flips over, and that’s if I’m quick. Note to others who try the same project: this would work far better with two people so one can distract the baby while the other does the camera stuff. But Wednesday is our day and we do the best we can.

(Week 33 — crummy lighting that day, bleh)

Week 33.

(Week 34)

Week 34.

(Week 35)

Week 35.

(Week 36)

Week 36.

(Week 37)

(Week 38)

Week 38.

(Week 39)

Week 39.

(Week 40)

Week 40.

(Week 41)

Week 41.

I’ve lucked out today and Milla is taking a nap. (She woke up at 5 am, so I was really hoping that would happen!) Afternoon silence is a rare and much-appreciated commodity in these parts. I probably ought to be cleaning the bathroom, but when she does sleep I am so afraid of waking her that I don’t do anything that makes noise. Since almost everything related to the household is a little bit noisy, that means I have to relax on the couch for a few minutes. Ah, so sad. I also get to contemplate the paint samples I have taped up in hopes of settling on a color for an accent wall in the living room. We just signed another year’s lease on the ol’ homestead and I find that nothing motivates me to spruce things up like knowing that I’m going to see them for another year. So far I have gone through all the bins in the laundry room and bedrooms, investigated all the boxes under our bed, scoured the kitchen counters, re-arranged the patio furniture, and worked on our container garden. I still need to shuffle around the contents of some closets, especially now that baby things are being put away rather than taken out, and do some more cleaning.

Speaking of babies: I almost forgot to mention that Bea is a crawler now! It’s a slow and slightly painful-looking crawl, but it works. She can scoot much faster with a funny little maneuver that uses just her toes and elbows. She is currently reveling in her newfound mobility and pulling herself up on everything she can. The world is her oyster, it seems.

Oh, to be a baby who has just learned to crawl!


March snippets.

It’s been a while since I posted a general update. And now Bea is 9 months old. NINE. Her checkup was this morning, so I know that my math isn’t off.

I think of this as the “daddy look.” What do you mean, you don’t know who Dante is?

There hasn’t been much posting lately because I inadvertently kissed most of my free time away when we potty-trained the toddler. We did a three day, stay-home-and-do-nothing-but-race-to-the-toilet boot camp and she caught on really fast. Then she started showing up dry in the morning so we decided to quit diapers at night as well. So far, so good! It wasn’t particularly easy or fun, but she was so fast that I don’t think I can credit my mothering skills with the victory. Camilla is just a smart little kid. She also figured out around day 2 that more potty = more candy. We’ve let that one slide for now, but I think we’ll start weaning off the treats in another week or two. Hopefully I can wean myself off of the word “potty” as well. Dang, I hate that word. And I feel like I say it all. the. time.

Anyhow, here are some other snippets about the gang:

Camilla (2.75 yrs)

— She still dances all the time. We really need to get some new ballet scores, since our Nutcracker/Swan Lake Suite CD has lost it’s charm for everyone but Camilla.
— She still loves to draw and can produce a recognizable face with eyes, nose, a mouth, etc.  That started about two weeks ago and I still haven’t put up the photos. Argh.
— She often speaks in full sentences and will pick a favorite if you ask which color, flower, etc. she likes best.
— Some of her favorite books are Freight Train (I make lots of train noises), Harry the Dirty Dog, Dogger, The Selfish Giant, and The Nutcracker. I admit that I groan a bit when she asks for the last one because it has way too much text and I have to work to abbreviate it, but the illustrations are so lovely that it’s not the worst problem ever.

Beatrice (9 mo.)

— She weighs 19 lb 4 oz, which means that the chub has started to plateau. It’s not for lack of eating, so I think she’s just more active.
— She can finally scootch! She gets up on all fours quite nicely but just can’t work out the proper crawling motion. So then she flops on her belly and inches her way laboriously to that tasty-looking speck on the carpet. She sits pretty well if I put her there and can work her way sideways along the sofa. She’s been wanting to be held a lot, though, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of practice.
— She loooooves to eat. If she thinks that something is for her, all her limbs start flapping wildly and she shakes with excitement. Fruity baby foods go down well and I started her on finger foods since her pincer grasp is quite good. Vegetables, bread, cheerios, etc. are very fun and have been a life-saver in the car. An eating baby is a happy baby.
— She is a, um, voracious reader who really loves books. Gnawing on the spine and trying to turn the pages are the main attractions, but I notice her looking at the pictures too.
— She has two little razors teeth now and probably some more right under the surface.  There has been some sadness as a result.
— Either because of the teeth or because of the age, she wants mama a lot. I am so glad I invested in an Ergo. Don’t know what I would do without it.


— Mostly I am just mothering these days, and that’s okay. Laundry and meals always happen, and sometimes bread gets baked and the bathroom gets cleaned. When I draw, it’s usually with crayons. Every once on a while I take on an organizing project and I promised Camilla a homemade felt crown in lieu of the hideous hot pink number she wanted at the thrift store. I am also trying to finish our 2011 photo album, since I don’t think Camilla “remembers” last year as well as 2010 because she looks at our 2010 album all the time. The trick is to make up the album slowly and then sit on it till a good coupon code comes along (I usually use Snapfish). I’ve tried doing a rush job in the past and I always forget something.
— I’ve dropped my diet plans for now because I decided that I don’t want to think about my weight all the time. There are more important things in life than whether I lose 10 more pounds. Lenten fasting and dieting are too close for comfort, and I don’t want to mix the former with the latter.
— My heart is grieving for a family at Josh’s school who just lost their husband/father to a very aggressive brain tumor. I hadn’t seen him for a while, but in my memory he was a very kind man and the family has had so many difficult things happen in the last few years. We pray for them every day.

So, that’s where we are right now. The weather is lovely (March is probably Pensacola’s nicest month), I got my container garden going again, and we just finished three wonderful days with my brother and sister-in-law. Camilla happened to fall asleep (huzzah!) so I am getting a little rest on the sofa before I go finish our dinner prep. Got to have everything ready ready when Community returns tonight!

(All photos are by my awesome friend + photographer Marty Hadding.)

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

[Sorry for the delay…we have been potty-training (on top of a bunch of other things) and there is quite literally no time to spend on the internet after Camilla wakes up. But that’s a whole ‘nother post. Please believe that we’re still missing grandma!]

We learned two years ago that we live about 40 minutes from a totally decent zoo. In the summer it is so hot here that it’s not worth visiting since almost all the exhibits are outside. But Camilla has been twice during the cooler parts of the year and we decided to take Beatrice for the first time when grandma was here (Bea was in the Ergo most of the time so you don’t see her till she takes a turn in the stroller at the end).

At the Gulf Breeze Zoo with Grandma.

If you look close, there are some lemurs hanging out on an island in the background.

Camilla remembered coming here with her Gibbs grandparents in October, which meant that she wanted to go on the playground first. It’s a little hard as a parent to admit that your child prefers a nice slide to exotic animals, but there’s no point in fighting it.

Then she caught sight of the coin-operated carousel…

Is it just me, or are grandmas way more forthcoming with quarters for grandbabies than they were for their own children? :)

Grandma's busting out the quarters.

Alas, no animal produced as much pleasure as the carousel.

The zoo grounds have a lot of birds wandering around, including chickens (which Bea noted with interest) and some lovely peacocks.

This fellow decided to put on a show for us.

We got a show from the peacock.

When we did start looking at the animals in earnest, Camilla gave them each a glance and then announced, “Another one!”

The bears.

It was probably helpful in the long run since we still didn’t move fast enough to see everything before the kids were tuckered out.

The tortoise.

African storks.

They had the most gorgeous macaws.

And a big tiger.

Happily, toddlers like to try out all the photo props.

We saved feeding the animals for the very end. Mom grabbed the camera, so there are a few pics of me (which, I’ve realized, doesn’t happen all that often).

We even got to feed some giraffes!

Feeding the giraffes.

Camilla is currently obsessed with picking up fallen blossoms. We’ve told her that the camellia is “her” flower (the magnolia is Beatrice’s), so she made a little bouquet.

Me and my big girl.

Here I am with my sweet little Bea, who was good as gold the whole time.

Me and my baby.

We got a little stick of food to feed the budgies, but Camilla ended up being unnerved.

Beatrice, on the other hand, thought they were the best.

Bea loved the parakeets.

So that was our little zoo visit. Hopefully we will get to go back again before the weather gets too hot!