Patience pays off.

I have been wanting a new set of dishes for a while. Some long-time readers may remember the vintage cherry blossom set I used to have…unfortunately, it did not fare well on the trip to Pensacola and I lost a lot of plates. So many that I went ahead and gave the remaining dishes away to an appreciative young woman and went with a standard blue Ikea set instead. But then we broke one of those plates and it became increasingly frustrating for the the sixth person at dinner to be subject to a contrasting plate in addition to the indignity of sitting in a lawn chair. (I would love to buy two more chairs, but I simply have no idea where to put them when they’re not in use.)

Anyhow, the thrift stores around here are pretty pathetic when it comes to dishware. So after weeks of looking, I finally made up my mind to buy an inexpensive set of eight white plates at Target before our next dinner party. But then, the very day that I was going to make my purchase, husband and I visited my new favorite antique store and I found these beauties in a dusty corner in the back. 8 plates, 7 bowls, and 2 serving platters…all for $25.

New vintage dishes.

My camera’s white balance was a little off so it’s hard to see what a perfect shade of robin’s egg blue these are.

You might be able to tell, though, that each is slightly different, thanks to little bubbles and “imperfections.” I don’t know if they’re seconds or what, but I just love the way that each plate is unique.

I also love they way that they make sense of the rest of my random collection of dishware. I have a few plates with this tree and flower pattern and am always scouting for more.

I also picked up six of these little plates not long ago. A few of them have chips, but that has never bothered me.

Dishes + Ikea tray.

The blue also matches the two elephant platters I bought at Ikea a year ago.

Oh, these are the matching bowls…aren’t they nice? The wide rim helps to stop soup from spilling everywhere.

Ikea glasses.

Some Ikea cups…

Dishes + Orla Kiely mugs.

…and my beloved Orla Kiely for Target mugs.

Orla Kiely square bowls.

And bowls.

I don’t know if you can tell (hah hah!), but a natural blue/chartreuse/orangey red/brown theme has been developing in my kitchen. I really like it when a color scheme happens organically instead of me imposing it on the space. The same process has been brewing in the baby’s room, which I promise to show soon since it looks so different now than it used to. Oh, and the living room. After weeks (months?) of indecision I finally settled on some colors and ordered fabric for new throw pillow covers. I *might* be looking on Craigslist for a new sofa as well, but until someone posts a blue leather Chesterfield for $50, new pillows will have to do.

Of course, given my recent bout of luck I should probably check all the local antique stores…you never know what’s going to turn up!


As a random end note, have any other Nikon D40 owners had problems with the kit lens? My autofocus has been periodically seizing up for months and is really unreliable at the moment. I don’t mind shooting on manual but it’s hard to see when things are crisp and I have a lot of blurry pics as a result. Suggestions??

Sweet potatas.

Since we basically live in The South, I figured it would be good for Camilla to develop a healthy appetite for sweet potatoes. Even if they’re served to you buried in marshmallows, they’re quite nutritious and plenty sweet on their own so I thought they’d meet with approval from a baby who likes anything mixed with banana.

Eating sweet potato for the first time.

Unfortunately, the early results were not quite what I had hoped for.

(She looks so suspicious, doesn’t she?)

Mom, you know I don’t like things with weird textures. Stop trying to save time by mashing it with a fork and pull out the hand blender, for Pete’s sake.

Things did go a little better once I pureed it.

And once she got ahold of the spoon.

Banging on things is a new favorite activity.

Banging on things with a spoon is one of her new favorite activities.

Mmm...a nice little potato beard.

In the end, I am happy to say that she had the Abe Lincoln goatee of success.


This next batch of photos is Just Because…I thought Camilla looked sooooo cute in her little church outfit yesterday that I couldn’t resist sharing. Now you can enjoy some spring baby scrumptiousness on the first day of March. :)

Our Sunday best.