As you might guess from the title of this post, we are in the midst of a few changes around here. The biggest is that Camilla has finally dropped that wonderful, wonderful second nap. Sigh. Not only does this force me to admit that I have a toddler and not a baby, but it cuts my cleaning/cooking/reading/resting/blogging time in half (at least) and has left me scrambling to adjust. Ye olde pregnant body is not particularly happy about this, but I’m trying to teach it not to complain.

I didn’t manage to take any pretty pictures this week or do a lot of knitting, but everyone has been well-fed and pretty happy so I’m considering it a success. Food has been occupying a lot of my thoughts and energy lately. My stomach just hasn’t been very happy so I’ve had to make some adjustments to the way I eat. After a nasty bout of food poisoning two weeks back followed by a lot of indigestion, I’ve started a little experiment where I:

— eat greens with every meal, including breakfast (green smoothies!)
— avoid most processed foods
— eat mostly whole grains
— don’t drink any soda or decaf coffee
— avoid dairy
— continue chugging water (about a gallon a day)

I also plan to add a probiotic and I’ve been experimenting with cold herbal teas, which are a lot more appealing than I thought they would be. I can’t say that my energy levels have exactly shot up (I think poor sleep is to blame for that) but my tummy is much happier and I think the rest of my body is too. Yes, I probably should have done this earlier. I find pregnancy to be an unfortunately easy excuse to eat whatever I feel like, instead of telling my body that it will have to like what I’m giving it. I really want to get back into shape faster after this baby than I did after Camilla, and I realized that 9 months of eating carelessly was probably not going to be followed by a quick change to a healthy diet. In addition, I had gotten into the habit of baking a lot and there’s nothing like a plateful of homemade cookies to encourage overeating. I think that I (and maybe some other people) find it easy to think that just because you make it at home, it’s good for you. Um, cookies are still cookies. I also don’t want Camilla to grow up thinking that she needs sweets after every meal, and this is the perfect time to make the switch from coffee cake and ice cream to apples and bananas. You know, before she’s old enough to complain a whole lot.

There’s a theological component to my eating change as well: God makes our bodies, and God makes food. Our bodies are designed to digest the food that He makes: fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, etc. But, people have begun to mess around a lot with the basic ingredients. And when the food label starts to look like a science project, I am pretty sure that what you’re eating is far removed from what God originally made and your body just doesn’t handle it as well. (At least, mine doesn’t.) I’ll be the first to admit that eating whole foods is a) more expensive and b) more time-consuming than eating packaged and prepared foods. It takes way more time to make a salad than to slap together a sandwich, and lately I’ve been feeling the pinch. I’m not perfectly consistent, either: I go ahead and feed Camilla her iron-fortified breakfast cereal most mornings since she’s fussing and I’m tired and she’s still so picky that I don’t know how to get her to eat iron any other way. But I’m hoping that as I adjust to all of our transitions and start to plan ahead better, I can move away from most of the packaged foods that remain in our lives. Any tips to that end are much appreciated. :)

Have a good weekend, all, and best of luck with your own transitions.

A quick fix.

I have been at a loss when it comes to the living room wall behind our couch. It is large. It is white. It is mostly empty. What to (cheaply) do?

The only thing that’s been there for months is the clock/wall sticker, which was left over from when our living room arrangement looked like this:

Paper garlands in the living room.

But then I moved some furniture and the sofa went against the wall, and for a while it looked like this:

But while I love the look of lots and lots of frames on other people’s walls, I just couldn’t handle it on my own. Too. Much. Stuff. So I took them down, leaving only the lonely clock. I considered three or five framed prints, I considered mirrors, I considered one big piece of fabric wrapped over canvas. But they all meant losing the clock (which I kind of like), and they all meant spending rather a lot of money.

So when I was wandering through TJMaxx sans child the other day and admiring all the pillows and throws and miscellaneous decor that I knew my husband wouldn’t like, I came across a set of wall stickers for $10. I almost left them there, but then started to consider the situation. Cons: wall stickers are a little bit overdone, a little bit generic, you can go overboard with these things. Pros: they work with the bird/tree thingy that’s already going on, they take up a lot of space, they’re nice clean silhouettes, $10.

In the end, the math was irrefutable and this was the result.

New wall stickers.

Due to the way they were printed on the page, the branches are a little more spindly than they initially seemed. I think they are also meant to be positioned sideways, but that just didn’t work for my wall.

They are very easily re-positionable, so I’ll probably fuss with the branches and leaves a bit more before I’m satisfied.

For $10 and 30 minutes of work, though, this tired pregnant woman is pretty happy. I might even go back and pick up another set to fill in the gaps.

(Other free/cheap improvements: I realized that the ottoman in Camilla’s room looked great in the living room, so now I can stop looking for a replacement for our tired grey ones. Yay! I also located an overpriced match for the endtable on the left at an antique store, and I’m thinking about making a counteroffer so we have a decent set. And I ordered fabric for new throw pillow covers to add a bit more color to the room. And I have some new curtains in the closet to bring out whenever I happen to get around to finishing that slipcover…)

A hat for Eliza.

This is another belated baby gift that I need to send asap since it’s not going to fit for long!

A hat for Eliza.

The pattern is simple newborn hat with a touch of lace, which I found (of course) on Ravelry.

It’s a really pretty little pattern and fairly easy.

Which is why I have no excuse for the amount of trouble it gave me.

I started out on size 3 needles, which ended up being just too big for the yarn. I messed up on the lace pattern once with those and once with 2s, so by the time the third try came around I used a stitch marker after every repeat. Sheesh. I guess I lose count really easily at 10 pm. With the markers everything went okay, although I can see a lot of problems with my tension on the plain old stockinette stitch. Fortunately, the very small recipient is unlikely to care.

Here it is again, modeled by the ever-patient Baby.

It turns out that I have about 3/4 of a skein of the yarn left over, so I’m going to try to eke a small short-sleeved cardigan for Camilla out of it. I had something else lined up, but the spring colors are whispering my name and really, why should I resist?