In which I learn to leave some things alone.

I have been sewing up a storm lately (a new hat and baby jammies are complete and pieces of a shirt are scattered over the table), but before I can show you any new photos of the babe I have to give a word of explanation about the tragic hair situation.

I cut it.

You see, she used to look like this.

Her lovely baby locks were perfectly layered and slightly sunbleached by nature itself. The only problem was that they were getting too long in the front.

Sometimes she huffs her bangs.

I know this because Camilla had developed the (adorable) habit of huffing upward to blow them out of her eyes.

I tried pulling them back with the cute little hairbows that are all the rage down here in The South, and I really thought the results were adorable.

Pre-haircut, with hairclip.

Camilla, however, became very adept at sensing that something was on her head. And as soon as she thought about it, she would start patting her hair with both hands until she found the it. And then she would put it in her mouth. And seeing as baby hairbows come in prime choking/swallowing size, this made me pretty nervous.

It got even better if her hands were wet and sticky. And sometimes there wasn’t even anything there, she just thought there was. And then there was wet and sticky hair, all for nothing.

I happen to love short bangs and bobbed hair on little girls, so one day I thought, Aha! I will just give her a little trim and then all my hairbow woes will go away.

So I took out my scissors and went “snip!” and some bangs went away. But it didn’t look right.
And then I went “snip, snip!” again, and it still didn’t look right.
And then “snip.”
And “snip” some more.
Until she looked like this.

The bowl cut. :(

And I felt like this.

Mom, what have you done to me?!?

Because I had inadvertently given my precious child her first Bowl Cut.

To his credit, husband wasn’t half as horrified as I was. And, to be honest, I don’t think the idea was all bad…I had just forgotten to take into account the fact that she has baldish spots on both side of her head, so it looks like her bangs wrap all the way around, a la “little monk in training.”

When the sides grow out, it will hopefully be pretty darn cute.

At least a silly haircut doesn't keep her from getting down to business.

But until then, it is my daily lesson that some things are better left alone. The more you try to “fix” them, the worse they get.

So let that be a lesson to you all.