Little Eva.

Now that Camilla can hold her head up (albeit wobbily), we are able to play with her more. The other night, Josh amused the both of them by zooming her around the apartment like a little cosmonaut.

Zooming around.

She looked just like Eva from Wall-E.

Little Eva.


Good thing “Eva” is one of her middle names.

The baby in the mirror.

When Camilla gets fussy, one of the best ways to make her stop is to take her into the bathroom and show her the mysterious baby in the mirror. Sometimes the tears keep coming (look, Camilla, you made the baby cry!), but we usually get interest and the occasional beaming smile.

Look at that baby!

Of course, it’s hard for us to keep from smiling ourselves. I mean, someone’s got to set a good example.

I guess it’s possible that we’re raising up a little narcissist, but I think it’s difficult not to admire anyone who’s so darn cute.

There's the smile we wanted!

Even if it’s yourself.

The same expression, no?

Vacation, part 5.

The problem with taking lots and lots of pictures at an event is that you run out of enthusiasm long before you run out of photos. And then you want to take new ones, but you know that if you start doing that you will never finish dealing with the old ones. (At least, this is how it works for me.) So, because I want to start taking new pics of the baby’s ever-increasing cuteness, I am squishing highlights from the rest of our vacation into this post. These were all taken at my grandfather’s house in Port Orchard, WA, or in that general vicinity.

There are a bajillion more over here, but I just didn’t think everyone needed or wanted to see all of them. Except family. You will want to click over and have a look.

Here are a few.

Camilla’s first ferry ride.


Now everybody's happy!


The proud great-grandfather.

Four generations.

Four generations.


The Gibbses.

Picking apples.

Picking blackberries.

Everybody chipped in.


Future jam.

Making jam.

Hard at work.

Admiring the neighbor’s horses.

Admiring the horses.


The California cousins.

Aunt Lauri.

Scenes from grandpa’s house.

Grandpa's house.

The woods.



The much-loved croquet set.

The birdbath.

Pip's favorite toy.


In the shed.

Grandma's organ.

In the library.

Vacation, part 4.

I saved most of the family pics for a separate post…while in Pullman, we stayed at my parents’ house and hung out with dad and Tim in the morning before they left for work.


Grandpa Marston.

Somehow, I think that the title “Uncle Tim” may morph into “Crazy Uncle Tim” at some point in the future. :)

Uncle Tim.

We also did some relaxing and lounging around the house, but a massive heat wave made everything roasty-toasty by mid-morning.

Morning light.

Camilla was not so keen on the heat.

All that sweating led to more baths, however, which led to the exciting discovery of The Baby in the Mirror. Ooooooh!

The fascinating baby in the mirror.

The last night of our stay we kept up the Marston family tradition of barbecuing at Kamiak Butte (we’ve done this before).

Barbecuing at Kamiak Butte.

It was so lovely and cool under the trees — Camilla stared up at them for some time.

The view wasn’t too bad, either.

The Palouse.

We had a great time chatting with Uncle Tim and Future Aunt Hilary about wedding stuff.

Tim & Hilary.

Conversations with them are never boring.

Next up: our return to western Washington to see grandpa and lots of California cousins.

Vacation, part 3.

These are more photos from our visit to Moscow, Idaho, the town where we lived prior to moving to Pensacola. We had far too little time there…I hope we can be more social next year when we’re not toting around a five-week-old baby (who did a lot of the screaming seen below).

Moscow Farmer's Market.

We did make it to the most excellent and much-missed Farmer’s Market, however. I caught up with my future in-laws (above) and my sister (below), and we bumped into a few other friends along the way.

On one particularly lovely evening we were invited to the Jones’s farm in Genesee for an outdoor celebration/feast.

At the Jones's farm.

My parents came along and had a fine time chatting with Howard and Mary Jones.

We got to catch up with a number of friends and see their beautiful babies.

Did I mention the babies?

And how big they’ve gotten in just one year?

Unbelievable. I used to rock that little guy to sleep on Thursday evenings.

On Sunday afternoon we had another chance to meet with friends at East City Park.

Picnicking at East City Park.

I had to make sure to get some photos of our goddaughter, Catherine.

Oh, how I miss Moscow. It was such a lovely little town to live in.


Vacation, part 2.

I’m sneaking in some blog time while waiting for The Dell Guy to come and fix husband’s problem-ridden laptop. I sure hope he can! The laptop has taken on the annoying habit of rebooting suddenly and unexpectedly, which is enough to drive anyone bonkers. I am a little down on Dell and up on Gateway at the moment…still loving my trusty black laptop. Did I ever mention that it opens Photoshop in, like, 10 seconds?

All of these photos are from the sweet, sweet time that I spent in Moscow with my friend Alisha. I got to meet baby Eco for the first time and Lish got to see Camilla — it will be so fun to reunite next summer and see how both babes have grown!

Playing behind the sofa.

In addition to several afternoons together, we had a back porch barbecue where her husband David cooked some pretty spectacular Korean beef.

Back porch barbecuing.

Mary and Eco.

Moms and daughters.

We really wanted a nice moms-and-babies shot, but it was a little hard to get all of the kids to cooperate (obviously).

All the kids.


But we did find some smiles in there somewhere.

Coaxed into smiling.

We miss you, Dalbeys!


Vacation, part 1.

Good heavens, this has been a crazy week (and it’s only Thursday!). Husband had to return to school for some much-needed prep work, leaving me to experience my first days as a stay-at-home mom. It’s been kind of hit or miss so far…on some days the baby naps and is happy and we get a lot done together. On other days she fusses and won’t fall asleep and the dishes pile pretty high. Today is one of the latter. I am still learning what I perceive to be the golden rule of stay-at-homeness: do nothing while the baby sleeps that can be done while she is awake. Can I type with one hand while nursing? Then I should do so: those precious napping moments are not to be wasted. I should probably still be sleeping while the baby sleeps, but I find that I get this rush of adrenaline so I can run around and work on all the things I thought about while I was stuck in the chair nursing. Plus, my body seems to have decided that 6 is the new 8 when it comes to sleep (although I have noticed that my vocabulary and memory have been in decline).

Okay, back to the vacation — I really need to start posting some photos before I lose momentum. One of the first things we did when we arrived back in Washington was to go to my cousin Myron’s wedding. Unfortunately, the baby was fussy during the ceremony and I didn’t get to take any photos. I only got a few during the very lovely reception, mostly as an excuse to watch my brother and his fiance take what I think was their first dance together.

At Myron & Lori's wedding.

You can see Tim and Hilary in that bright patch of light in the back.

Tim & Hilary.

They looked so beautiful together, and it was somewhat poignant to think that the next time I see them will be at their own wedding in November. They asked me to take some of their wedding photos…I hope I’m up to the task.

After the wedding we drove to Port Angeles to see husband’s parents and his extended family. Aunty Esther drove from Portland to see her new niece.

Aunty Esther.

Some of Josh’s aunts and his grandparents came as well.

Visiting with the Gibbses.

Grandma Gibbs got to hold her first great-grandchild.

Great grandma Gibbs.

Aunt Marsha took a turn as well.

Aunt Marsha.

My father-in-law proved to be a genius at quieting a colicky baby, which was evidently something he and mom did a lot when my sister-in-law was small. You can tell when a person has had practice.

Grandpa Gibbs and granddaughter.

Grandpa Gibbs was also the pleased recipient of Camilla’s first this-is-definitely-not-an-accident smile. (This isn’t it, unfortunately…we weren’t that fast with the camera.)

Grandpa Gibbs and granddaughter.

While we were enjoying our stay in Port Angeles, Josh’s parents also took us to the very cute downtown. Had I not been carrying a baby I confess that I might have peeked into the Twilight paraphernalia shop just because (Forks is only an hour or so away!). More wholesomely, however, we decided to take a look at this year’s sand sculpture contest. I think they might call them “sand castles,” but that seems sort of insufficient.

Port Angeles sand sculpture contest.

We were pretty impressed. I mean, that’s sand.

Port Angeles sand sculpture contest.

This one was my favorite.

Port Angeles sand sculpture contest.

All too soon, we had to leave for the east side of the state. One of the cruel things about living away from family is that you have to put an end to moments like this.

Grandma Gibbs and granddaughter.

My mother-in-law stayed up for two nights with the baby so I could get some sleep (at least, that was the excuse…). She was so smitten with Camilla that I couldn’t say no.


See how unhappy the baby was to go?

It’s strange to look at our vacation photos because Camilla a) has a wide variety of amusing expressions on her face and b) doesn’t look exactly like that anymore. How can a baby change so much in just a few weeks?

Next up: our visit to Pullman and Moscow.


That’s how many photos were on the camera when we returned to Pensacola on Saturday night (and I deleted a lot as I went along). Needless to say, it will take me some time to catch up with the backlog, especially since I seem to have a similar number of pieces of dirty laundry to be washed. Camilla’s room is being used as a stashpile yet again while I try to sort things out and evaluate what new storage paraphernelia I need. Every time I feel like I’ve got things under control, new stuff comes in and I’m not ready to part with the old stuff yet (would you believe that she’s already outgrown some of her outfits??). It’s not a bad problem to have, but everything looks and feels so messy in the meantime. Plus, husband went back to school today for a few weeks of teacher training so I only have two hands to work with during Camilla’s precious few nap times. How do other people have babies that sleep all the time? Camilla is awake most of the day, and during that time she wants some interaction.

I’m saving trip details for when I post the photos, but I will give you a sneak peak of our most recent momentous development: smiles! Camilla started smiling in earnest when she was four weeks old, beginning with a sweet grin to my father-in-law. Since then, we’ve been seeing them more and more frequently to the delight of all.

I do love so love a smiley baby.

The smile begins.