The Christmas list.

Husband made his and suggested that I do the same.

It’s dangerous to start looking around the internet for stuff you want. There are just so many want-able things in this world that I haven’t discovered yet and I kind of want to leave it that way. But, here are a few that would make me smile on Christmas morning.

…I could use some new shoes to replace my beloved & bedraggled yellow flats, but I have such bad luck shopping online. There’s a new Clarks store at the mall, though, and I’ve got my eyes on these.

…Perhaps someone also wants to fund an after-Christmas shopping trip to J.Crew & Marshall’s? (And watch my kids?) I need a new chambray shirt — the sleeves on mine keep unrolling and getting in the way — and maybe a new pair of pants.

This adorable backpack would be so handy for going out & about with the kiddos. I love their big bags, too — perfect to stash in your purse for a library or grocery store run.

…I love these little prints and postcards. There’s all sorts of good art out there, though, and I could use a new infusion into our apartment.

…Speaking of which: I really want a little chalkboard for my kitchen but I have no idea where one gets that sort of thing. ¬†Perhaps you know?

…There are a few mornings a year when I would l would so love a pair of leather gloves. Any pair. It gets chilly even in Florida sometimes.

That’s all for now. I’ll add more stuff if/when I find it.



I haven’t visited this blog in so long that WordPress went all simplified on me and now I can’t figure out how to do any of the things I used to do, like add lots of cute photos of my kids. So this will have to do for now. If you want to butter me up and get your Camilla & Beatrice fix, head over to my flickr account (I always stash photos in flickr since it, ahem, doubles as my file backup).

Sorry for the technical difficulties.