A photo recap.

After my laptop died I pretty much stopped posting photos because I am a vain human being and I like to do a certain level of editing before I put them out there on the internet. Picasa is no substitute for Photoshop but we are at least on speaking terms now so I spent a while yesterday afternoon playing catch-up. Sorry to do the big photo dump, but for the grandparents’ sake…here’s what we did in the last month and a half.

Uncle Tim's turtle.

We went to see Uncle Tim, Aunt Hilary, and Cousin Annie in Panama City Beach. Uncle Tim had a box turtle.

Turtles just happen to be some of Camilla’s favorite animals.

She also enjoyed playing in Uncle Tim’s nice big yard, although the fence was a little too high to throw “poe-cones” (pinecones) over.

Trying to throw the pinecone over the fence.

The “pee-no” (piano) is a big highlight of every trip to Panama City, and this time she learned to toot the pennywhistle as well.

Playing two instruments at once.

It’s also fun to play with grandma.

Piano with grandma.

And to eat pear with grandma.

Pears with grandma.

And to try on grandma’s crocs.

Shoes with grandma.

While we were there, the fam threw me a nice early birthday dinner…

Early birthday dinner.

…and dessert.

Camilla got to eat cake, her all-time favorite food.

Eating cake with daddy.

And to play to grandpa.

Having fun with grandpa.

After grandpa left to go back to Pullman, grandma came to stay with us for five days while husband was out of town on a spring break school trip. It was wonderful. In addition to doing all sorts of fun things around Pensacola, grandma got Camilla a Cozy Coupe as an early Easter present.

Assembling the car.

After a fun-filled but exhausting trip to Toys’R’Us, I didn’t have the energy to put the car together that night and waited until the morning. Oops. Camilla was so excited that she sat in the seat as soon as I pulled it out of the box and refused to be separated.

Toy assembly is a lot more complicated when a) your belly gets in the way and b) your child has already started playing with the toy. But the results were worth it.

Is it really mine?!?



Naturally, it’s also fun to ride around outside.

The Car still lives in our apartment right now, but as soon as we fill up with baby stuff I think it’s going to become a permanently outdoor toy. Camilla will be sad, but our walls will appreciate it.

My 31st birthday.

During April, I had the privilege of turning 31. We decided not to have a big party since husband is turning 30 this year and we want to throw one for him (stay in there, baby!). But since Camilla loooooooooooves cake and candles and singing the happy birthday song, we had a little family party anyway.

I think that’s how she learned that my name is Paula and now she calls me that sometimes.

I don’t mind.

Mm, delicious chocolate cake from Publix.

Cake, her favorite food.

I don’t have very good after photos, but I should mention that I rather accidentally had Camilla’s long and lovely locks cut off this week. They were getting a wee big scraggly and I thought it might be time to go to a professional for a trim.

Bouncing on the couch.

(Bouncing on the sofa and trying to open the discman are two of her current favorite activities.)

Unfortunately, the stylist and I had a little miscommunication and things ended up short. Real short. After the initial shock and a little bit of repair work — I guess I’m not so bad after all! — I have come to really like the new ‘do.

And, as husband pointed out, at least it’s hair. Hair grows back.

More reasons why I love that man.

My feet have been so swollen lately that I’ve been forced to sit and put them up during Camilla’s nap instead of sewing (thank you, 90 degree weather).  So, maybe there will be a few more posts before baby comes. I am personally voting for the week of June 13, but birthing doesn’t seem to be a very democratic process (or perhaps our votes just cancel each other out?).

At any rate, there doesn’t seem to be anything to do at this point but hurry up and wait.

Did it.

“Did it!” is what Camilla proudly announces when she’s completed a difficult task, like climbing on top of a chair. And that’s exactly how I felt when I finished my sofa slipcover on Sunday evening.

New sofa slipcover.

As a friend pointed out on facebook, the gestation period of this slipcover has been only slightly less than that of our newest child. I started on the project in late September but only managed to finish the cushion covers before morning sickness derailed me. Those were quite a bit of work, however, and every time I opened the closet I could hear them whisper, You’ve done the hardest part already…you’re not going to give up now, are you?

I think that one of the big differences between making a slipcover and reupholstering is you have to draft your own pattern. With true upholstery I’m assuming that you just cut apart the old fabric and use that. But with a slipcover, you have to start from scratch and people, believe me, it’s a whole lotta work. Things that probably started as straight lines have gotten rounded and lumpy from use and you find that what should be a nice mathematical solution pulls in funny places. I spent a really, really long time working on the fit of my muslin. It’s still not perfect, but it’s as close as this non-professional, 36.5 weeks pregnant, sleep-deprived, aching, nesting woman can make it.

Another thing that took a long time was that I serged and topstitched all the seams, essentially sewing everything three times. My machine started having a few tension and stitch length issues toward the end so it’s best if you don’t look at the topstitching very carefully, but I’m hoping that it will hold up well in the wash. Because I’m sure it’s going to be washed a lot.

Anna Maria Horner velveteen cushion cover.

I also sewed two new pillow covers from some really lovely Anna Maria Horner velveteen, putting in my first invisible zippers along the way. That was also a confidence-booster (although I am just now noticing that the pillows are upside down in these photos…oops). As a side note, to keep the cost of the slipcover project down I used velcro and not zippers on the cushion covers. I was a leetle bit afraid that it might come apart loudly when we sat down for the first time, but so far so good.

As part of my nesting kick, I also put up a new white curtain rod and some brown curtains from Ikea. And I touched up the paint in the living room, which always makes everything look cleaner. The ottoman needs a removable cover since it’s getting pretty dirty,  so if baby waits longer I might be able to finish that as well. I also whipped out a new curtain for Camilla’s room, a long piece of fabric with pockets on both ends that fits over the arms of my nursing chair (which will be swapped with the living room chair when the time comes), and a little pad for Camilla’s mini rocking chair.

Camilla's rocking chair cushion.

I’m hoping that I can convince her to rock next to me and not need to climb up on my lap when I’m feeding the new baby. (Good luck, right?) The floral feedsack print matches the curtain in her room.

The back has green dots on cream and the whole thing is reversible. I’d kind of like to paint the chair ivory — don’t hate me, the finish is not in great shape and the chair itself is not particularly well made — but we’ll have to see if that actually happens.

I also finally found the perfect green rug for her room, and since it was on sale I ordered two and plan to try to stitch them together. I have been looking for a bright grassy green rug for a long time, and two small ones were cheaper and give more surface area than one big one so I figured it’s worth the risk that it might not work out.  I’ll try to take a photo after the rugs arrive since it’s been a long time since I showed y’all her nursery and it looks a lot different now than it did back in the day.

In other news, I still don’t have a computer (weep) or Photoshop (weep, weep) and Picasa is driving me batty. Does anyone know how to get it to stop doing that annoying scroll thingy?? I would hate to hurl Josh’s computer across the room, seeing as it’s the only one we’ve got. I wanted to get the whole computer situation settled before the baby arrives, but I’m starting to think that she’s a little bit antsier than I had thought. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy to wait until my due date (June 20) or later. But something inside me says that I need to get ready NOW and I’m afraid to suffer the consequences if I ignore it.

So excuse me, I’ve got a little more nesting to do.

Nesting, nesting, nesting.

(Hummed to the tune of “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…”)

I have to admit that I had been wondering if baby #2 was ever going to give me that nesting kick-in-the-pants. I was quite content for a long time to sit down with my swollen feet propped up while Camilla took her nap. I could look around the living room at various unfinished projects and think “eh.” My cleaning efforts were surface at best.

And then one day last week, all that changed.

It’s a bit unfortunate that I only have something like 5 or 6 weeks left to go at this point, given the sorts of things that I’d like to accomplish. Hormones, couldn’t you have woken up a little sooner? Like, when I could still bend over without causing waves of contractions? But better late than never, and the good news is that I’m functioning quite nicely on very little sleep and no longer have the desire to just sit around on my tush. I pulled out the sewing machine last weekend (= major victory over inertia) and it’s been humming a bit every day since. Ahhh. I think I might finish that sofa slipcover after all…that and those new throw pillow covers for the living room, the curtain and matching cushion cover for Camilla’s room, the pad for her little rocking chair, the paint touch-ups, fixing those shelves, hanging those curtains and a few other things that I haven’t thought of yet. Josh is going out of town this weekend, and rather than mope and watch movies I’m going to try to be productive. Whoah. Wish me luck.

Hi there.

There’s a long story behind my absence that involves my laptop screen dying, Josh leaving, my mother coming, Josh coming back, my mother leaving, a glorious Easter celebration, a small birthday celebration, and the tech store at the mall holding my computer hostage for two whole weeks while doing absolutely nothing. I still don’t have it back (we’re on tech company no. 2 now), which means that the huge reservoir of photos on my camera will remain hidden for a while longer. Sigh. And do I need to mention that I’ve been really tired lately? Third trimester + active toddler + several months of poor sleep = a pretty exhausted mama. It also doesn’t help that all manner of friends and random people can’t help but comment that I look like I’m ready to have the baby any day now. Except that I’m not. Seven weeks to go, more or less. I think I will need my own backup alarm and rear view mirrors in seven weeks, and I might just start wearing a tent for good measure.

The number seven kind of freaked me out, actually. Eight weeks seemed like a lot longer than seven. I feel the sudden urge to make sure we’ve got little diapers and t-shirts and a bassinet and whatnot. I can’t say that I feel like cleaning the whole apartment, but I definitely realize that any sewing, crafting, or household projects need to be done soon or they’re going to wait for a looooong time. I am going to cut myself a big expectations break after baby no. 2. No handmade presents or home improvements until everyone sleeps through the night and takes a decent daytime nap. And if the new one is like Camilla, that could be January.

With this in mind, I’ve cut out what will be Camilla’s 2nd birthday party decor and am just looking for the motivation to pull out the ol’ sewing machine. I sewed a decent muslin for one side of the sofa base slipcover but need to make a second and measure the fabric that goes in between…if I’m ever going to finish this giant project, at least I’m going to do it right! There’s nothing more frustrating than sinking a bunch of time into something and then rushing at the end so that it all falls apart.

I think my child has awoken from a too-short nap, so I’m going to finish quickly with something my mom told me I should do. I’m sure every mother says/thinks this, but Camilla says the cutest things these days. She tends not to string phrases together, but she’s very good with individual words and is really working hard on a few songs (like the ABCs). So, because I know I’ll want to remember this in years to come, here is a short list of Camilla-isms to make your day a little happier. I think they’re so darn cute that I almost don’t want to set her straight.

sister = dursis, durser
cantelope = chope-a-chope
smoothie = mooshie
cereal = seersal
apple = appo
mango = hingo
blanky = bitsy
(cousin) Ransom = Sam-sam
toothbrush = brosh!!! (always with excitement)

That’s all I can remember right now, but I’ll add some more later.