A portrait.

A very nice lady who’d bought something previously from me on Etsy asked if I would do a portrait of her beloved cat. This kind of request makes me very happy because I know in advance that the piece of art will be meaningful to someone and have a specific use (vs. trying to convince a potential buyer that my art would be just perfect in their living room).

Commissioned cat portrait in ink and gouache.

So this is Taylor, in ink + gouache.

I am also working on a big big big canvas (think 2 ft x 4 ft) but I’ve only just started the painting part. It will be for our bedroom and is based on an idea of husband’s. I told him one day that I wanted to take down the Marimekko fabric over the bed and paint something kind of abstract and oh, did he happen to have any ideas? He stared at me for a moment and then got a piece of paper and then drew a very detailed sketch of a little scene that he evidently drew every day a few years ago while working at a telephone research company. I am now turning that scene into an acrylic painting and am very hopeful about the results, assuming I don’t mess it up because it’s been so long since I’ve worked in acrylic. Big art really appeals to me right now for some reason. I have two other large canvases in the apartment that currently hold stretched fabric, but if I get good ideas I’d like to turn them both into paintings as well.

Since I’m channelling my spare time into class prep and painting I haven’t sewn any cute little things for the baby yet. I think I need some patterns since none of the baby clothes in Amy Butler’s Little Stitches were exactly what I want: I’m thinking very simple smocks or skirts to go over onesies in the 0-3 mo size and then some simple gathered waist dresses in the 3-6 and 6-9 mo sizes. I’m not really inclined to go all-out on complicated infant clothes right now since I think I’ll probably be swaddling the baby or carrying her in a sling a lot and why make a really cute outfit if no one’s going to see it? I did give in to my urge to knit the other day and started either a skirt or jumper in a very fine vintage acrylic yarn that mom got me a few years back. I admit that I plunged right in without checking my gauge, however, so I have no idea what size it’s going to be…oh well. When you gotta knit, you gotta knit.

I will try to take a new pregnant photo soon for you far-away friends–I feel as though my belly really popped out last week! It was holding pretty steady for a few weeks and I was feeling pleased with my not-too-bad weight gain and then all of the sudden it was as though I added two inches to my waistline. I can also (finally) feel the baby kicking from time to time, which was a big relief. I’m sure I’ll feel differently in three months, but I kept begging her to kick me hard so it wasn’t ambiguous and she finally did. Now I can feel little staccato taps when I wake up in the middle of the night, which I’ve been doing a lot lately. I also dream lots of strange dreams, so going to bed is like reading a book of short stories each night: lately I’ve had between 3 and 6 distinct dreams per night, depending on how many times I wake up. I’m sure it’s providing deep insight into my psyche, but sometimes I’d prefer lovely black nothingness to a night of running around in bizarre situations. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.