Now we are two.

It’s taken me a few days to recover from the birthday festivities, I’m afraid. I am going to let the photos speak for themselves, but there are a few captions over on flickr. Not shown: playing at Gymboree, lunch at Chick-fil-A, feeding the ducks, delicious homemade pizza for dinner, and some other fun things that I already can’t remember. I think it’s safe to say that she had a really really good day (and that she thanks you for all the well-wishes).

Camilla's 2nd birthday begins.

Donuts for breakfast.

New Hello Kitty stuff.

Skyping with Grandma & Grandpa Gibbs.

Opening presents.

A new puzzle.

A new lunchbox (filled with doll clothes).

A new piano.

A new drawing set.

Filling up the pool.

Milla pours water on daddy.

Daddy pours water on Milla.

New doll furniture from grandma.

Mommy assembles the stroller.

Helping mommy.

Making her dolls go night-night.

Pushing the stroller just like mommy.

Birthday cake, with extra candles.

Daddy helps blow them out.


A delicious mess.


My dearest Camilla,

Tomorrow is your second birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate it with you. We want to do all of your favorite things: eat donuts and pizza and cake, open presents, play at Gymboree, feed the duckies. We love to watch you be happy.

Tomorrow she turns two.

You are such a beautiful girl. I let you run around the house in a diaper because it’s hot but also because I love looking at your sturdy little legs and arms and tummy. It’s hard to believe that your father and I produced such a perfect little person. And such an interesting one! We waited and waited to find out what you had to say, and now that you can tell us you are even more clever and creative than I had hoped for. We laugh with and at and for you all the time.

I don’t think I can truly say that I “can’t believe you’re turning two” or that it has “gone by so fast” or any of the other pat phrases that people use for children’s birthdays. I feel like all three of us have worked hard to get you to this age. You have done a fine job eating and pooping and crawling and walking and talking. And we’ve tried to help you and correct you and give you exciting things to learn about. At times, it’s been downright exhausting. But we love you so much that we want to set aside our own plans and desires and do what’s best for you instead of ourselves. We’ve only had two years of practice so we’re not very good at this yet, but I’m hoping that you’ll forgive us our failings and be patient as we learn to be good parents.

We have been so pleased to see how quickly and gracefully you have adjusted to sisterhood. You love little Beatus so much, and it makes me want to cry every time you bend down to kiss her soft little head. I know that there are times when you wish that you had your parents’ attention all to yourself again, but it has already been so good for you to learn to share.

So, my child, I am very happy and excited for you as you begin your third year of life. Your father and sister and I love you so very much, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings for the four of us.





Week 1.

I mentioned that I wanted to try a weekly photo project like this one, and yesterday marked the end of week 1. [Motherly sidenote: Wow. Beatrice is over one week old. Unbelievable.] I am really serious about wanting to make this project work and not be one of those things that fizzles out after a few months. So to that end, I am working on a set of rules that hopefully give me enough flexibility to keep this up for 52 weeks. Currently, those rules are:

1) Try to take and post the photo on Wednesday, but Tuesday or Thursday are okay if that just doesn’t work out.

2) Use fabric I have in my stash before I go out and buy new stuff, and also look around the house for other textiles (curtains, pretty towels, etc.) that would work.

3) When I do buy fabric, try to make sure it will work for the future sister quilt project that I can’t stop daydreaming about (current crush: this zig-zag style).

4) Possibly have Camilla in the photos as well (more on this below).

I really like Young House Love’s white-onesie-on-patterned-fabric style, so that’s what I’m sticking with. However, I’m not sure about Photoshopping the number on top (plus, I still don’t have a computer with Photoshop) so I’m skipping that for now. I might add the number in a corner later on.

The real question is whether or not I want to try to include Camilla’s wiggly, unpredictable toddler-ness. If not, then I think this (not completely edited) photo will be week one:

Week 1 (option 3).

If I want to include Camilla, though, there are a couple of options. For example, I can just include whatever bit of her fits inside the frame (arm, leg, face…) like so:

Week 1 (option 1)

I kinda like that, especially since patting Beatrice’s soft little head is one of her favorite things to do right now. And mine.

But then there’s also the undeniably adorable side-by-side sister shot.


This is where the wiggly toddler part comes in, though. I love the shot above. But I have no confidence that I am going to be able to replicate it every week.

Instead, I’m guessing that I’ll get a lot of this.

Or this.


And maybe occasionally a sweet bit of this.

But I think that the essence of a weekly photo project is finding a shot that can be replicated with a few simple variations to show how the baby has grown.

What do you think?

Happa erfday oo you.

Camilla sang a very impressive round of Happy Birthday to daddy and Beatrice at our little homecoming party last night.

Since their birthdays are only two days apart, it will be difficult to resist the joint cake. Especially if it looks like a bee.

The homecoming/birthday party.


(You’ll have to excuse the expression on the birthday girl’s face — it turned out that she pooped during the festivities.)

The whole family has spent Josh’s 30th birthday together at home, for which we are all so very grateful.

Happy birthday, my love.


Father and child.

If we can, we’re going to try to leave the hospital late this afternoon so we can all sleep under one roof tonight. I can’t say that we haven’t appreciated this special time with just the three of us, though. Camilla has been in good hands and gets to meet Little Sister for the first time later today. I am so excited to see what happens when she finally meets the person that we have been talking about for so many months.

As for the parents, we are still in awe at Beatrice’s tiny perfection.


That’s what Camilla calls her.


But to be more precise, we say: Beatrice Babette Cassia Celeste Theodora Magnolia Gibbs,

8 lbs, 14 oz,

19.5 inches long,

born at 3:55 pm, 5 days early
(for which her mother is eternally grateful).

So much love.

Photos with Daddy to come.

I’d like a baby, please.

If you came here looking for a baby announcement, you can’t possibly be as disappointed not to find one as I am. Sigh. I’m really not in a rush, but I’ve been having this annoying little problem where my contractions pick up at night (just enough that I can’t sleep) and then peter out in the morning. And I’ve never been a good napper, so don’t suggest it…I laid down for two hours yesterday after an almost sleepless night and never fell asleep. Good thing I could spend my time planning elaborate sister quilts instead. Because, you know, I’m going to have so much time to sew in the near future.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I will have some good news for all of us soon.

Birdhouses (a nesting project).

It’s kind of cruel of Joann’s to position a large bin of $1 dollar birdhouses right outside the door. How is a pregnant woman supposed to be able to resist buying one? Or five? Even if she’s not at all sure what she’s going to do with them and therefore has to spend the walk home scheming about yet another eleventh hour nesting project?

The birdhouse wall.

After visualizing some uses in Camilla’s room (most of which ended with small objects being dropped inside and mama being asked to get them out), I ended up deciding to put them on the sticker wall in the living room.

I fully admit to taking inspiration from this amazing sneak peek on design*sponge, although I kept my paint job simpler because there’s already a lot going on in this room. The paint colors were taken from the swirly floral pillow and ended up being surprisingly tricky to match. But I persevered.

To be honest, now that I see them on the wall, I can’t tell if the birdhouses look a little too I-found-these-at-Joann’s-and-painted-them-myself! (which is, of course, entirely true). But they add a bit of color and interest  so I’m letting them stay for now.

I did, however, have to remove the big blue bird that used to be there.  The houses would have been a pretty tight squeeze for him.

In other news, I am still waiting around to have a baby and have pretty much ceased all sewing/crafting activity because I don’t want to come home from the hospital to a table full of  sewing supplies. That hasn’t stopped me from scheming a little bit, though. I’ve decided that I want to try a 52-week photo project with the new babe like this one. And can I take a minute to mention how much I love Young House Love in general? Lots of nice prop-your-feet-up-and-read archives to catch up on. Anyway, I want to make sure that I don’t fall into the classic first kid has lots of photos, second kid have hardly any trap and I think a weekly photo will sort of force the issue. Camilla is welcome to be in them too, of course, but we’ll have to see if she’ll lie down and play.

Plus, between my current stash and many weeks’ worth of fabric I like, I should have more than enough to make a cute pair of sister quilts like this one at the end of the year. How’s that for motivation?