Some inspiration.

If you don’t visit decor8 for a daily dose of inspiration, you’re missing out.  Not only does Holly have really good taste, but she posts often (= more fun to look at) and saves you from needing to comb through thousands of webpages to find the best stuff. And she’s really good about finding lower priced alternatives, which […]

The Advent Book List.

A few years ago, I came across an awesome advent idea on Ohdeedoh: the Advent Book Calendar. (If we had a genuine mantle, I would soooo love to make one exactly as shown.) I didn’t get my act together in time last year, but I’ve been collecting inexpensive Christmas books here and there for months […]

Weeks 18 & 19.

It sounds repetitive if I say it every week, but it’s impossible not to mention every once in a while that I can’t believe Beatrice is X weeks old already, just so you know that I’m thinking it. Time really does go by faster with the second child, probably because you spend so much of […]

New developments.

When people told me, “They grow up so fast!” it used to annoy me, but now I think I know what they mean. It’s not that babies turn into toddlers in the blink of an eye — Camilla is still definitely a baby, but she’s not a newborn anymore. She seems to pick up a new […]


(This post is thanks to Emily’s kind inquiry to see if everything is all right. Mama and bebe are still here, just very lazy. Explanation follows.) It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it turns out that growing a baby saps your energy and leaves you disinclined to do almost any other form of work. This includes everything from […]

Furniture on the brain.

I have been spending a rather unbalanced amount of time lately thinking about furniture. You have to admit, beds + chairs + sofas are much more fun than packing and forwarding your mail, right? Unfortunately, however, I think this is bordering on obsession. I check the Pensacola craigslist several times a day. I scan the West Elm […]

Hooray, I’m not crazy.

Sorry about the lack of artsy/craftsy posts, folks: we are finally OUT of the old apartment (after cleaning, dusting, washing, sweeping, mopping, and touching up just about everything…I really want that damage deposit back!) so things should get back to normal sometime soon. Well, as normal as they’re going to be for the next few […]