I still need to mix up the blog a bit (it is practically impossible to search for anything right now) but I think I’m back in business for the time being. I was going to post pics of our December 1 festivities but realized that December implies winter and we actually had a bit of […]

This is where the summer ends.

It seems like yet another of Florida’s cruel tricks that “summer” is over while the weather is still freakishly hot. Stores try to tempt you with back-to-school specials on boots and sweaters when you know in your heart that you won’t be able to wear them without sweating until November. Being on a teacher’s schedule […]

Gocco goodies.

These are other bits of goodness for the new shop…three new gocco prints!   They are from a series I’m calling “From the Sketchbook” that involves me choosing some ink doodles, enlarging them, and adding a dotted background. I do like dots. (And I obviously like series as well.) The first round invovles the chair, the water […]

Finally, some gocco.

Lest you think that I never make anything anymore, I have proof of progress. I finished another big big project a few weeks back but cleverly didn’t take any photo evidence, so let’s just say that gocco’d cd cases look awesome but 200 (x 2 colors) is a lot. And they take up a lot […]

Kinda sketchy.

I started a new gouache painting the other day, and I’m hoping to take into account some very good points from the comments in the last post. Nope, ink over gouache is just not where it’s at. You might wonder why I even bothered in the first place, expecially now that my first version seems […]