The best ones.

So, after posting all those photos I realized I forgot the best ones (i.e. the ones taken by someone with a genuinely nice camera & lens). These are by my friend Marty Hadding and are from (cough) November. Somehow she managed to find the only pretty orange trees in all of the Florida panhandle so we could pretend it was fall.

There are more by another professional photographer, but I think she cleverly copyrighted them because I couldn’t post them online. Fiddlesticks. I mean, good for her.

8225108057_79056a24ea_o 8225115947_54f3fd0ffa_o 8226174608_15e2702138_o   8226182706_35b92768bf_o 8226185594_f8c99354ae_o 8226191984_409e772660_o 8226192752_eee8b60731_o 8226194734_fe2b493a34_o


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