The Christmas list.

Husband made his and suggested that I do the same.

It’s dangerous to start looking around the internet for stuff you want. There are just so many want-able things in this world that I haven’t discovered yet and I kind of want to leave it that way. But, here are a few that would make me smile on Christmas morning.

…I could use some new shoes to replace my beloved & bedraggled yellow flats, but I have such bad luck shopping online. There’s a new Clarks store at the mall, though, and I’ve got my eyes on these.

…Perhaps someone also wants to fund an after-Christmas shopping trip to J.Crew & Marshall’s? (And watch my kids?) I need a new chambray shirt — the sleeves on mine keep unrolling and getting in the way — and maybe a new pair of pants.

This adorable backpack would be so handy for going out & about with the kiddos. I love their big bags, too — perfect to stash in your purse for a library or grocery store run.

…I love these little prints and postcards. There’s all sorts of good art out there, though, and I could use a new infusion into our apartment.

…Speaking of which: I really want a little chalkboard for my kitchen but I have no idea where one gets that sort of thing.  Perhaps you know?

…There are a few mornings a year when I would l would so love a pair of leather gloves. Any pair. It gets chilly even in Florida sometimes.

That’s all for now. I’ll add more stuff if/when I find it.

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