For some reason, Bea’s teeth have decided to arrive in a charmingly lopsided manner.

Snaggletooth'd smile.

The two on her right appeared first, but the two on the left have poked through and are racing to catch up. Perhaps they have been responsible for some recent fussiness?


Fussy? Me? I am always sunshine itself.


Especially when I am in possession of contraband.


Nothing makes me happier than playing with something small and forbidden.


Except maybe trying to figure out how to open sister’s books.


Why would I bother with baby books when there are so many fun paper ones sitting around?


Lest I get behind again, here is week 48.

Week 48.


I realized that, while I have thoroughly exhausted my fabric supply, I somehow forgot about my tablecloth stash. I just don’t know where my brain is these days.

If you see it, please tell it to come home.


2 thoughts on “Snaggletooth.

  1. That’s really cute/funny that her teeth are following a non-conventional pattern. She is already asserting her independence and individuality!

  2. Those card board things are for babies. Real women not only crawl on all fours, they read real stories. :) I think she looks a lot like Camilla in the 6th picture!

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