47 down, 5 more to go.

It’s been a while since I uploaded my photo project pics. Want to see some super cute girls?

(Week 42)

Week 42.


(Week 43)

Week 43.


(Week 44)

Week 44.


At this point, big sister decided that she wanted her own photo. And since big sister’s cooperation is essential and not always cheerfully offered, I was happy to oblige.



(Week 45)

Week 45.



(Week 46)




(Week 47)

Week 47.



The biggest challenge right now is getting Beatrice to lie on her back long enough to get a decent, non-wailing shot (see week 46). N.B., this would definitely work better as a two-adult project. That girl is a champion crawler and is into everything these days. Apparently, my sleep-deprived mama brain failed to accurately record the crawling baby’s desire to explore. And, in a two-bedroom apartment, all of the legitimate exploration options have been quickly exhausted. Eating small objects off the rug has been (mostly) replaced by seeking out and pulling dangling cords, opening every swinging door, and of course whipping open the toilet seat whenever someone leaves the bathroom door ajar. She’s not walking yet but is very agile at moving along a couch, chair, or wall and will occasionally let go for a few seconds. I had been thinking that I wanted to forestall walking as long as possible, but now I’ve decided I’m up for the challenge because it might keep her away from the walls and their many temptations and because Camilla loves to be outside where Bea can’t join her. So, if it happens soon, I guess that’s okay. Because, you know, I have such a say in this matter.


This girl is really looking forward to spending more time with her daddy in a few weeks, especially since he has promised to begin what we’re calling Summer School. Finally, the teacher gets to spend more time teaching his own kid! A backpack, lined paper, and freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils await.

We are so ready for summer to begin.


Can you believe that she’s going to turn one in just five weeks?


2 thoughts on “47 down, 5 more to go.

  1. I think that 7th picture with Camilla alone looks so much like Trudy! I’m so proud of how you’ve continued to do the photo project. It’s such a blessing to see their growth and the way they’ve changed. :)

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