Weeks 33 – 41.

It seems that I got a little, ahem, behind on the week photos. But they all exist, and here they are. Beatrice is such an expert roller now that I get maybe 2 or 3 shots of her on her back before she flips over, and that’s if I’m quick. Note to others who try the same project: this would work far better with two people so one can distract the baby while the other does the camera stuff. But Wednesday is our day and we do the best we can.

(Week 33 — crummy lighting that day, bleh)

Week 33.

(Week 34)

Week 34.

(Week 35)

Week 35.

(Week 36)

Week 36.

(Week 37)

(Week 38)

Week 38.

(Week 39)

Week 39.

(Week 40)

Week 40.

(Week 41)

Week 41.

I’ve lucked out today and Milla is taking a nap. (She woke up at 5 am, so I was really hoping that would happen!) Afternoon silence is a rare and much-appreciated commodity in these parts. I probably ought to be cleaning the bathroom, but when she does sleep I am so afraid of waking her that I don’t do anything that makes noise. Since almost everything related to the household is a little bit noisy, that means I have to relax on the couch for a few minutes. Ah, so sad. I also get to contemplate the paint samples I have taped up in hopes of settling on a color for an accent wall in the living room. We just signed another year’s lease on the ol’ homestead and I find that nothing motivates me to spruce things up like knowing that I’m going to see them for another year. So far I have gone through all the bins in the laundry room and bedrooms, investigated all the boxes under our bed, scoured the kitchen counters, re-arranged the patio furniture, and worked on our container garden. I still need to shuffle around the contents of some closets, especially now that baby things are being put away rather than taken out, and do some more cleaning.

Speaking of babies: I almost forgot to mention that Bea is a crawler now! It’s a slow and slightly painful-looking crawl, but it works. She can scoot much faster with a funny little maneuver that uses just her toes and elbows. She is currently reveling in her newfound mobility and pulling herself up on everything she can. The world is her oyster, it seems.

Oh, to be a baby who has just learned to crawl!



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