Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

[Sorry for the delay…we have been potty-training (on top of a bunch of other things) and there is quite literally no time to spend on the internet after Camilla wakes up. But that’s a whole ‘nother post. Please believe that we’re still missing grandma!]

We learned two years ago that we live about 40 minutes from a totally decent zoo. In the summer it is so hot here that it’s not worth visiting since almost all the exhibits are outside. But Camilla has been twice during the cooler parts of the year and we decided to take Beatrice for the first time when grandma was here (Bea was in the Ergo most of the time so you don’t see her till she takes a turn in the stroller at the end).

At the Gulf Breeze Zoo with Grandma.

If you look close, there are some lemurs hanging out on an island in the background.

Camilla remembered coming here with her Gibbs grandparents in October, which meant that she wanted to go on the playground first. It’s a little hard as a parent to admit that your child prefers a nice slide to exotic animals, but there’s no point in fighting it.

Then she caught sight of the coin-operated carousel…

Is it just me, or are grandmas way more forthcoming with quarters for grandbabies than they were for their own children? :)

Grandma's busting out the quarters.

Alas, no animal produced as much pleasure as the carousel.

The zoo grounds have a lot of birds wandering around, including chickens (which Bea noted with interest) and some lovely peacocks.

This fellow decided to put on a show for us.

We got a show from the peacock.

When we did start looking at the animals in earnest, Camilla gave them each a glance and then announced, “Another one!”

The bears.

It was probably helpful in the long run since we still didn’t move fast enough to see everything before the kids were tuckered out.

The tortoise.

African storks.

They had the most gorgeous macaws.

And a big tiger.

Happily, toddlers like to try out all the photo props.

We saved feeding the animals for the very end. Mom grabbed the camera, so there are a few pics of me (which, I’ve realized, doesn’t happen all that often).

We even got to feed some giraffes!

Feeding the giraffes.

Camilla is currently obsessed with picking up fallen blossoms. We’ve told her that the camellia is “her” flower (the magnolia is Beatrice’s), so she made a little bouquet.

Me and my big girl.

Here I am with my sweet little Bea, who was good as gold the whole time.

Me and my baby.

We got a little stick of food to feed the budgies, but Camilla ended up being unnerved.

Beatrice, on the other hand, thought they were the best.

Bea loved the parakeets.

So that was our little zoo visit. Hopefully we will get to go back again before the weather gets too hot!


2 thoughts on “Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

  1. I don’t know what you did to make my photos look so good–thank you. Such great memories, honey. I’m with you: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m ready to get on the plane again!

  2. Paula,

    Thanks so much for posting this. I rarely comment, but I read every post. This one was extra fun to read. I love what you write, as well as the lovely photos. Camilla is such a beautiful child. God bless you for being so understanding about playgrounds and quarter-fed carousels!

    For some reason I was thrilled to learn that Beatrice takes an interest in chickens! And she appears to be delighted with the budgie. I’m so glad that Grandma was able to enjoy these adventures with you, and that through this post you brought us “readers” along for the fun!

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