Grandma came.

And then she left.


Rather than dwelling on my sorrow, I am trying to channel it into photo posting. The weather was quite overcast while she was here, so I only got a few pics in the house. There are some others from our very fun trip to the zoo that I will also post soon.

Fun with grandma.

What could be nicer than a grandma, a toddler, and a yummy little baby?


We’ve told Camilla that we will (hopefully) be visiting Washington in July, and she’s been asking me to make it July now.

I wish I could, babe.


5 thoughts on “Grandma came.

  1. Now that I’ve been with you a week, I realize more than ever that parents are the center of their children’s universe: witness little Bea’s eyes, how they light up with you behind the camera, and Camilla’s big big smiles for Mommy. You are amazing, honey! What a wonderful 6 days!

  2. Beautiful girls! I put a box in the mail today. Some new things and a few re-gifts. The socks may be too small for Bea I realized after I taped it up. Pass them on to a friend if they are too small. Enjoy! Don’t forget to open zippers!

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