Mostly Milla.

The object of the post is currently taking a little nap for the first time in days (huzzah!) so I’m going to whip out some photos of her 2.5 year old cuteness.

Our property manager gave her a balloon last week. She hasn’t mastered the art of sealing her lips around it and blowing, but she tried and tried.

Oh, she also got her first tootsie roll. What could be more fun than a new balloon and a tootsie roll?

A balloon and a tootsie roll. Unbeatable.

I left my heels out after church and this is what happened. I guess I should do it more.

Trying on mommy's heels.

And here’s Daddy reading one of many rounds of Frances to Camilla. We read a lot of Frances. Every single day. If I wasn’t so fond of that clever badger, I might get a little annoyed. But she holds up pretty well, even if it’s the 10th time that week.

Reading Frances with daddy.

I like to compare them to these photos from October 2010 (she was 16 months old).

Her favorite book.

Both Camilla and daddy’s beard are getting so big.


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