Cousin Annie turns one.

My brother Tim, sister-in-law Hilary, and niece Annie came to visit last weekend for Annie’s first birthday. Naturally we wanted to throw her a party, and it was so much fun. One is a great age, and all the cousins are quite interested in each now. We even got a group shot (remember the last attempt?). There are a few captions in flickr but I’m going to let the photos tell the story here.

Cousins Camilla and Beatrice already want to know when Annie is going to come back to play with them…

Cousin Annie comes to visit.

Playing the "sharing" game.

Our toys met with approval.

My swirly cupcakes.

One candle.

Aunt Hilly helped blow out the candle.

I think she liked it.

Yay for cupcakes!

Down to the last crumbs.

The birthday girl.


Why do they have to touch each other's hair?

We stopped after this.

My sweet brother and sister-in-law.

Playing outside.


5 thoughts on “Cousin Annie turns one.

  1. Such sweet pictures. And I think Camilla gets prettier every time I see her! Horribly sad to see her running around barefoot, though. It’s January darn it. Where is old man winter?!

  2. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I love your gobs of photos!!! You are the master of capturing expressions–prceless ones, in both babies and adults! Camilla’s dancing is joy to behold, even in stills. You really captured Annie, though–in one photo it’s clear how attentively she is watching YOU! I am one happy grandma!

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Such cute shots. Really think the girls on the couch are adorable. And, the cupcakes are beautiful. I’ve never seen any done like that before. Great idea.

  4. I am not sure if I am jealous or just in awe of the fact that last week I was putting my girls in hats, winter coats, gloves, multiple pant layers, etc to play in the snow while yours were in cute spring dresses and no shoes! Adorable pictures!

  5. Love these photos! Annie is already looking older than the last time we saw her. And I think Camilla has the cutest haircut ever. The cousins are so cute together – I’m sad we didn’t get to join :(

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