Weeks 28, 29, 30, 31, and a conundrum.

I keep getting behind on my posting but not on the photos themselves. It would be a real shame to get to week 31 and miss one, don’t ya think? The lighting is better on some days than others, and the sister photos are all over the place because there are plenty of moments when Camilla just won’t lay down/let go of her snack/change out of her jammies/some other un-photogenic thing. And by the time I’ve disciplined, Bea has started wailing and we have to try again later. And need I mention that the baby now flips over the minute I put her on her back…? But I persevere. I am going to get my 52 photos, darnit.

(Week 28 — some of my favorite vintage fabric.)

Week 28.

(Week 29 — my favorite vintage quilt.)

Week 29.

(Week 30.)

(Week 31.)

Week 31.

I haven’t decided if I need to number them somehow in Photoshop. The original project that I’m copying had photoshopped numbers on the onesies, but that’s going to be an awful lot of work at this point and I’m not sure I love the look. Maybe just a tasteful little number in the corner somewhere?

The other problem that I have been considering is the fact that I am running out of fabric. I have gone through all the large pieces in my stash and what decorative quilts/blankets we possess and I definitely do not have 21 selections left. I have been buying fabric for a while now with coupons, but since I plan to make quilts someday I want to get the nice stuff and that’s usually about $10/yard. I’ve found some cheaper, of course, but even at 40% off it’s a significant weekly expense. Plus, I just don’t need 21 more yards of fabric. Maybe 3 or 4 more pieces to round out my colors (some more green? and orange?) but I hate to buy something I have absolutely no need for.

The quilt stash.

(These are all the fabrics destined for the quilt. Everything else has been the wrong weight/fiber or the colors just won’t work.)

Husband suggested reusing some pieces and that would, of course, be the most economical solution. I’m fighting it, though, because I want to know in my mind that every week is different. But when you see them all together you probably won’t really notice. Plus, it’s not like there’s a big final destination for these photos — I just want to put them up at the girls’ 1st/3rd birthday party and make up a little photo book.

What do you think?


Now for some outtakes…to be honest, these end up being my favorites sometimes!

As soon as the official photo shoot is over, Milla wants to start playing on the fabric.

And Beatrice, of course, is pleased as punch to be done with that nasty on-your-back business.

Shhh….don’t tell anyone that Beatrice is sucking on the grimy old cell phone!

I took away the phone.

Mama took it away.

I gave it back.

Mama caved and gave it back.

Mmm, fingers.

She insisted on wearing the monkey jammies.

This was the I-absolutely-have-to-wear-my-pajamas week.

How the fabric ends up.

And this is how the fabric ends up after a few minutes of flapping.

See why I have to work fast?


11 thoughts on “Weeks 28, 29, 30, 31, and a conundrum.

  1. Can’t you borrow any fabric lengths from friends? I’m sure they’d be generous if they knew you only needed them for a photo shoot. Risk: slobber. :) I always wash mine before using anyway so I’d loan you bunches if I were closer. :)

  2. Love your fabrics. It will be a cute quilt. I will send you if my zig zag quilt for Sam when I’m done. I have about 1/3 of the blocks sewn together. It’s an easy pattern!

  3. I’m sure this isn’t an ideal solution, especially since you want to make a quilt at the very end with all of the fabric, but perhaps you can “re-use” some of the fabric, as suggested by your husband, but “tint” or “dye” them a different color in photoshop so they look slightly different? It involves more work in photoshop, but it’s probably less work than adding the number on the onesies! (And since you are omitting some fabrics from the quilt, this solution might work out)?

    First time commenter, but long time reader here just sharing my thoughts on what I would do :)

  4. I guess it probably gets old reading the same gushing love of pictures of the girls, but gosh, I just can’t get enough of them. They are darling. I think the 3 in a row of Beatirce with and without the cell phone is a riot. Love the look on Camilla’s face in the “without” shot. Thanks a million for posting so many shots! Love them.

  5. Yeah, Yoon had a great idea. I follow an illustrator named Elsita on Flickr. She uses a blank wall and photoshops patterns in for her fashion blog.

    Great Gray Gracious Jacket :)

    It could be time consuming though.

    Perhaps you could start photographing them in different places now that Bea is wiggly. Grass, sand, cool carpet, nice wood floor, marble floor… uhhhh… maybe that would be difficult. Ha!

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what you do. Those girls are a riot. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. I identify with Connie–you may get tired of gushing comments, but I never get tired of making them…because of what inspires them Maybe I could bring some of my fabric when I come in Feb. Maybe you could go to a carpet store and have the girls test out a few cool rugs. Maybe the rug section of TJMaxx. Hide your camera in your diaper bag. You definitely don’t want to buy 21 more big pieces of fabric!

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