Oh dear, she doesn’t nap anymore.

Well, I think a certain toddler is ready to be done with naps.


It helps a little that naps haven’t been going particularly well lately. First there was a half hour of winding down, general upsetness, and me sitting outside the door trying to hear if the wailing was moving away from the vicinity of the bed. Then there was a short (45-60 min) nap, which was followed by at least an hour of tremendous crabbiness that required a lot of discipline and walking on eggshells. So, nap wasn’t exactly this glorious break for me anyway.

But still. I know four and five year olds who nap, so I’m trying not to feel gypped. Right now we’re compromising with an hour of books and music in her crib, and (as of day three) it’s going pretty well. I don’t get much done besides essential housework, but I remember feeling that way after she dropped the first nap. So I probably just need a few weeks to adjust as well. She needs to get a little better about doing things on her own, and I need to get a little better at doing things with her. And then it will all work out.


In unrelated news, our church had its annual Blessing of the Water / Cross Dive a week ago and there’s a nice write-up about it here in the local paper. I also put a few pics (starting here) on my flickr page. Camilla was terribly, terribly excited about getting into her swimsuit and being at the beach and then freaked out a little at the last moment. But I carried her in a little ways and a good time was still had by all. Next year, maybe her feet will actually get wet.


5 thoughts on “Oh dear, she doesn’t nap anymore.

  1. I love the water blessing photos–of course, I was blessed by her little self (she was, indeed, the littlest) in the group picture at the end! I’m so sorry that she doesn’t nap anymore. You are so right, you have to make a major adjustment. Believe it or not, it will be even more traumatic when she leaves for school–the flip side of what you’re going through now.

  2. Does she sleep a little earlier for bedtime now? Jane had a hard time adjusting from nap to no-nap. Some days she would crash around 6pm and occasionally miss dinner because she was so tired and cranky.

    You might try exchanging her naptime for bathtime and see if that buys you a moment to sit down.

    Does Trinitas have K-4 still?

  3. There is nothing wrong with training your child to enjoy quiet time :-) Sarah was not a napper either so the default was that she learned to play in her room for at least an hour each day. I’ve heard of some mom’s who put together a ‘quiet basket’ with things that were only allowed during quiet time…I never did that but can see where it might be helpful. Especially if you rotated the items every week or so.
    Missed seeing you guys today!

  4. Ugh, naptime ended for me last winter when my (then) 3- and 2-year-old quit at the same time. They did, however, really enjoy listening to books on tape. Just a thought.

    Love the photos!

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