January snippets.

I mentioned to husband that I wanted to blog more so that I don’t forget some of the things our kids do and he told me that I should just write shorter, more frequent posts. Oh. Why didn’t I think of that?

So, some things about Camilla (2.5 yrs):

— She invented her first name: Gobbia. She bestowed the name upon a styrofoam fish bath toy. I think it was very creative of her.
— She also likes the names Corduroy, Chloe, and Miss Suzy. We have lots of Corduroys, Chloes, and Miss Suzies around here.
— Her favorite books are The Shoemaker’s Dream, A Bargain for Frances, and The Year I Didn’t Go to School. She will request each of them to be read ad nauseam.
— She is obsessed with dancing and asks me to play the Nutcracker Suite and “Odette’s Song” (the theme from Swan Lake) every day. She prefers to dance in a “tube-tu” (any poofy skirt), a headband/crown of some sort, and the ballet shoes from Grandma. I always get asked to dance too so that we can hold hands.
— She uses a lot of sentences right now. We work on some things purposefully (pronouns are hard!) but she picks up so many things from conversation and listening to books.

Some things about Beatrice (6 months):

— She wants to scooch quite badly but can really only manage to push herself backward. She can swivel 360 degrees, though, and is very good at rolling in both directions.
— She is the smiliest kid and people just love her because she smiles when she notices you looking at her. Although constantly referred to as a boy (even in pink), she is beloved by other shoppers and clerks when we go out.
— She’s still nice and plump with lots of fantastic rolls in places I can’t show you.
— She is just getting the hang of swallowing food, so I think we’re going to move soon from little tastes to real meals.
— I don’t have to worry that she’ll be the little sister who gets nothing but hand-me-downs because she got some of the cutest clothes for Christmas. I wish I could wear her clothes sometimes.

Some things about me:

— I am already lagging a little on some of my resolutions (um, diet? what diet? and was I supposed to be reading instead of cleaning the closet?) but succeeding in a few others I didn’t mention (like wearing makeup more often and trying to get our household budget under control).
—  Ridiculously warm weather combined with our upcoming house blessing has given me the urge to start some spring cleaning. Er, midwinter cleaning. I also have to figure out where to put all the kids’ new toys…the photo below shows some of their new stash. See the problem?
— Gosh darn it but I just love my girls so much. And my husband. I am so blessed.

Some of their Christmas loot.


3 thoughts on “January snippets.

  1. So fun to see all the little Fisher Price people and furnishings. Are they antiques? Have been looking for more little people to add to Josh and Esther’s Fisher Price airport and farm. Hadn’t even realized they had a play pen and baby swing until I was hunting other sets. So cute. Our kids really loved playing with them. My dad bought Josh the airport when he was 18mo. Was just like him to pick out a toy plane.

    Beatrice’s little top is so cute. Thanks for posting what the girls are doing! Great fun to read.

  2. I thorougly agree with Josh–shorter, more frequent posts are genius! I just want to know what’s going on! I suppose I could go on facebook, too, but I love your blog. I think you are a superb writer (from a detatched point of view).

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