The new year.

Among other things, it has brought:

…a new baking set from Aunty Marian and Uncle Jacob.

…new legos for Daddy.

…some playdough cookies.

…some cookie cutters.

…squinchy-nosed smiles.

…a first attempt at petits fours

….(which will require some practice).

Petits fours (first try).

…and a first attempt at vasilopita (I used this recipe — a little dry, but it made excellent vasilopitoast the next morning).


Now I am off to finish Downton Abbey, which has proved almost sinfully addictive. That is why it is best for me to watch shows with a limited number of episodes which are available streaming.


3 thoughts on “The new year.

  1. Did you say Downton Abbey? Yeah, we are just a couple days away from the next season. I got sucked into it by accident. The PBS website had a countdown timer for season 2 several months ago, so I quickly watched all season 1, and then I noticed how much time there was until season 2 and got kinda mad that I had to wait. Anyway… Sunday will be fun.

  2. Even Daddy & I have watched Downton Abby! Whoa! I didn’t realize there was more to come! My favorite photo is the squnchy nose smle…so cute and so 2.5 years old… I would like to know the recipe for the bread in the last photo; it looked beautiful! Almonds on top?

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