Advent was busy.

Now that it is almost over, I have a moment to sit down and tell you why I haven’t been blogging. There’s just no time when you are busy with:

…learning to dress yourself.

More dressing herself.

…(in a variety of ways.)

Picking out her own clothes...

…admiring the tree with sister.

Posing with the tree.

…dressing (and dancing) like a little ballerina.

The little ballerina.

…making Christmas ornaments.



Our homemade ornaments.

…making wrapping paper.

Our handmade wrapping paper.

…making felted sweater stockings.

Felted sweater stockings.

…making other stuff that can’t be shown yet.


…making delicious lemon curd and candied lemon peels.

Candied lemon peel.

…taking your first bite of food (you trembled with excitement and grabbed the spoon out of mama’s hand before she even got close!).

First bite!

…finding new uses for the Bumbo.

…keeping up with that weekly photo project.

(week 24)

Week 24.

(week 25)

Week 26.

The gleeful hair-puller.

(week 26)

Week 26.

(week 27)

Week 27.

…taking some other photos because you’re just so darn cute.

…not managing to take photos of our other fun Advent activities, which included going to see the Nutcracker with Daddy, making pillow forts, baking and frosting gingerbread cookies with friends, singing Christmas carols (over and over and over), playing with The Big Girls, putting coins in the Salvation Army bucket, eating a few little candy treats, driving around and looking at Christmas lights, making spicy popcorn, drinking hot apple cider, and all sorts of other things that delight the hearts of two-year-olds and babies and parents alike.

And tonight and tomorrow: going to church and celebrating the glorious birth of Jesus.

Christ is born!

Glorify Him!


3 thoughts on “Advent was busy.

  1. What a wonderful blog post! Your family is a constant source of delight to me…I surely count you among one of the many blessings of my life. Merry Christmas to the Gibbs from the Haddings :-)

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