Sweet Bea.

I couldn’t choose just one (or two or three) photos, so here are lots. She is such a joy these days — so happy, especially in the morning. Oh, how I love a six-month-old baby! They can do so much but still aren’t mobile and will sit contentedly in one place for a long time.

I am looking forward to her first Christmas so much.

Sweet six months.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Bea.

  1. Brian just left for Seattle and left me the surprise of one of your new pictures of Beatrice on the screen saver. Didn’t know you’ve posted yet. Oh my goodness, my heart leaped with joy at seeing her precious face. And, so many pictures, too. She is beautiful. Thanks a million!

  2. Bea looks like she has grown and changed so much! What a sweet smile and what I wouldn’t give for that complexion! I haven’t sent out Christmas cards yet but Merry Christmas to you, Josh and your beautiful girls!

  3. You can tell I’ve been on another planet for the last 2 weeks…these photos are so adorable, that all they need is some kind of audible accompaniment so I can hear her little voice–what a doll! I can hardly wait to see her! You’re right, the 6 mo age is precious, but then so is 2 1/2!

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