Advent continues…

…but the blog posts do not.

It seems that, every year, a few wild cards come along to trump my plan to have The ____ ____ Christmas Ever. (In years past it’s been The Most Handmade Christmas Ever or The Best Decorated Christmas Ever, but this year I was thinking more along the lines of The Least Stressful Christmas Ever.) Advent books are still being read, activities are still being acted, and photos still taken, but all sorts of other things have left no room for sharing them on this here blog. I’ve got some catching up to do one day, but not in the near future. The school play is this weekend and my tiny part in it (costume assistant/poster creator) has a little bit left to go. Then, our Christmas boxes need to be packed up, our stockings made, some cooking done, some cards given. Some sick children also need some extra loving, and I suppose the bathroom should be cleaned sometime as well.

Until then, I am unlikely to return here.

See you again when we are closer to the great celebration of the Nativity!

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