A felt fall leaf garland.

Moving the canvas to the living room has given me an empty wall to fill with something seasonal. I’ve been trying to reinvigorate my crafty side, so when I saw this super cute leaf garland on Pinterest I knew I wanted to make one. I found some red and yellow felt and a felted orange sweater in my stash, but since the fabric was pretty obviously different I thought I’d change up the shapes as well. So, this is what I came up with.

It looks so nice when the kitchen table is clean. However, I’m trusting that yours is that way about as often as mine is…

The felt leaf garland.

In the photos above, you might notice that I painted the phone jack outlet thingy that someone planted off-center in the middle of our kitchen wall. It was the reason why I hung the canvas there in the first place (you can see a different half-hearted attempt to hide it here) since it sticks out like a sore thumb. So after I switched things up I stood there looking at it unhappily and realized that, in a cheap apartment where nobody really cares about quality, you can just deal with that sort of problem yourself. A bit of craft paint and voila! Not invisible, but much better.

I’m almost done embroidering my second-to-last Advent calendar number, so it looks like I’m going to have something to replace the leaf garland in a few weeks. Can’t wait to show you how it is turning out!


4 thoughts on “A felt fall leaf garland.

  1. I LOVE this! What a simple, cool idea! It looks beautiful on your wall–but I have to admit that I am really really looking forward to your photos of the advent calendar. I’m also interested in what kind of little treats you are putting in the pockets.

  2. The garland turned out so cute! And until you pointed it out I didn’t even notice the outlet, so I guess mission accomplished :-) Your table looks different from what I remember…is it new or just turned differently? The legs are quite pretty.

  3. I didn’t notice the out
    let either, especially on the table shot. It’s so much fun to have holiday decorations. Very cute! Love the big stitches.

  4. Cute decorations! The table and chairs combo with the lamp is great too. I have my mom’s dining room table that is almost exactly like yours. Have been looking high and low lately for used chairs with the same french style legs…but your contrast of styles looks super…thanks for the inspiration!

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