Week 20.

I feel like 20 weeks should be half-way to something but I guess it’s not.

Week 20.

It is, however, very plump and pink and roly-poly.

I was lucky she stayed on her back long enough to get a few pics. I foresee the photo project getting a lot more tricky in the future.

(Note that we are still accumulating impressive amounts of behind-the-knee chub.)

After she rolls over and has stuck her head up for a while, Bea does this funny thing where she sticks her arms out to the sides, face plants, and starts kicking her legs wildly.

Then she returns to this.

Milla wasn’t really into the photo thing this week.

She did, however, very kindly offer to share her collection of choking hazards. That girl just loves to carry around itty bitty things right now, and something is going to have to be done in the very near future to make sure that we aren’t leaving a trail of rocks and “little blocks” for a certain soon-to-be-mobile baby to put in her mouth. Aack.

Yup, this one is getting stronger every day and really thinks she’s the hot stuff right now. I told Josh last night that I really hope I can enjoy being 31 as much as Beatrice enjoys being a baby. So much joie de vivre.

Oh, remember the Lens Cap Game from a while back?

Yep, still fun.


6 thoughts on “Week 20.

  1. wow, great pictures. Beatrice looks so intelligent these days! And I really like that first picture of Camilla, her eyes are really pretty… Thanks so much for posting, Paula!

  2. Beatrice looks like a genuine porcelain doll, with blue glass eyes. Maybe it’s the effect of the material you’ve photographed her on, but she is totally gorgeous. Yes, the choking hazards are going to become an issue… but maybe the face plant will last a little longer! Even that’s precious! It kills me to not be there!

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