Weeks 18 & 19.

It sounds repetitive if I say it every week, but it’s impossible not to mention every once in a while that I can’t believe Beatrice is X weeks old already, just so you know that I’m thinking it. Time really does go by faster with the second child, probably because you spend so much of it chasing after the first one.

Week 18.

(18 weeks)

Unfortunately, the children’s naps have been neither as long nor as synchronized as they were for a few glorious weeks, so that’s why I haven’t been here as often. Milla has been doing very well without the paci but I think that its removal has shortened her naps. She also doesn’t sleep quite as well in the Big Girl Bed, but at this point I think we just need to keep persevering.

In all honesty, a little less nap time is a reasonable trade for the scramble that used to ensue when a wailing toddler started asking for “paci! paci!” and I found myself frantically turning over couch cushions to look for one of the five scattered around the house. No, I don’t miss that at all. She does ask for it every once in a great while, but by and large she seems to be quite content with her status as a Big Girl who doesn’t need one. It probably helps that Bea doesn’t take a pacifier, so there aren’t any visual reminders of what she is missing.

In my bits of spare time I did manage to finish a felt leaf garland but haven’t taken photos yet. It seems especially appropriate since the weather took about a 20 degree dip last night. Here in Florida, the ability to wear a sweater without breaking into a sweat is something to be treasured if you love fall as much as I do.

Week 19.

(Week 19)

I’ve also recently attempted a bit of sewing, but that has gone rather slowly since it seems that, by the time I have put the girls down, made & eaten lunch, washed the dishes, answered some emails, and pulled out the sewing machine, someone or other has woken up. It is so tempting to work on things at night, but Bea still wakes up at least twice and my girls need a rested mother more than one with a new dress.

I did finish a muslin of a tank top that I want to repeat in some really lovely Lisette fabric (the geometric print from the week 19 pics) and am half-way through a dress (the skirt is made from the yellow in the week 18 pics), but I’ve put both on hold to see if I can finish an Advent calendar before Advent arrives.

I am really excited about the Advent calendar. Growing up, we had a red felt one with a tree on top and 24 pockets underneath that were filled with ornaments that we took out one by one and pinned to the tree. I think it was made by my paternal grandmother (right, mom?).

Mine won’t be quite the same — I am using this one from The Purl Bee as my inspiration, and I might make a separate tree.  100% wool is out of my budget and I can hardly stand acrylic felt, but I found some reasonable colors in a 20% wool blend at Joann’s. Mine will be mostly reds and greens, but I still want to embroider the numbers. Here’s hoping that’s not too ambitious a goal for this stage in our lives.

How we play these days.

Speaking of this stage in our lives, I snapped a few pics of Camilla’s sweet attempts to play with her little sister at the end of our last photo session.

Here she is showing sister how to clap.

And give high-fives.

And now she’s patting her affectionately on the bum. (Wonder where she’s seen that before…)

And now she’s trying to make her smile.

I just love watching my girls interact with each other more and more.

(See the height on that baby? She wants to scooch in the worst way.)

I also want to say thanks for all the kind comments about the family painting. Here it is in our living room. Milla points to it and says “canvas!” and “brush!” so I guess it was a memorable experience. Just what I had hoped.


5 thoughts on “Weeks 18 & 19.

  1. I can’t wait to see the finished dress! Just love the yellow fabric. Really think Beatrice and yellow are gorgeous together. Purple, too. Can’t get over how her beautifully the blue in her eyes is pulled out in those colors. Kept thinking Camilla’s blue eyes would have shown the same, too, if her little face had happened to be in the same position as Beatrice.

    So sweet to see Camilla playing with Beatrice. Everyday I’m sure they will do more and more together until finally, one day, you’ll be able to sew (at least a little) when they’re awake!

  2. Your photos of the two girls playing together are priceless! It’s such a happy thing! Ps 133–behold how good and pleasant… it hasn’t changed over 3 thousand years. Beatrice’s eyes are definitely going to be blue! How cool!

  3. Just one thought on the advent calendar: I always wish I had put 25 days on mine, not just 24, and have made some since that way – I just adjusted to 5X5 instead of 6X4.

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