The family that paints together.

I know I’m behind on my photo project (I took the pics, I just haven’t posted them) and that I’ve got a bunch of other things piled up as well. It’s just that I’ve recently discovered that the less time I spend on the computer, the happier and more productive I am in the home. But I just had to put up something about tonight’s fun project: the family abstract painting.

I’ve had this canvas in the kitchen for ages with a pretty tablecloth wrapped around it. But the other day I decided that our living room needed some Real Art instead of the wall stickers. So I took them down, unwrapped the canvas, and spent a few minutes painting with a big brush.

Then, after dinner, I gave the brush to Camilla.

And then Josh took a turn.

And Bea got to watch (sorry, babe — maybe in two more years).

And then there were some more turns.

And then it looked like this.

Our family painting.

Not exactly Met material, but it’s only destined for our living room. And it makes me happy whenever I look at it and remember painting it together.

Plus, if we get tired of it in a few months we can just work on it again. I have this vision of still owning this canvas in 20 years and seeing the surface with half an inch of paint, built up one happy evening at a time.


5 thoughts on “The family that paints together.

  1. Paula, that looks so much fun. That is the type of thing that kids don’t forget doing. What a great memory! We might have to try it too. That huge brush looks fun.

  2. Re photo project… I believe your Young House Lovr inspiration blog had two parents working from home while they took and posted all those pictures. And only one child! I think your doing pretty well!

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