Week 17.

It’s going to take me a while to sort through the hundreds(?) of photos from the Gibbs’ visit, so it might be a little while before they make it to the blog. (Of course, that’s nothing compared to the amount my in-laws took…)

Week 17.

Need I say that we had a wonderful time and that everyone is rather put out now that they are gone? Especially a certain toddler, who got to do all manner of special activities, and a certain baby, who was set down for about two seconds during the entire weekend?

But now we’re back to the norm, with a few new twists. Milla is spending the night in the big girl bed for the first time as part of a general push toward maturity. Also, see that green pacifier in her mouth? Source of much comfort and parental annoyance? Well, it’s going bye-bye tomorrow. We’ve let her know that today is the last day, we’ve discussed big girls she know who do not have pacis, and she has the promise of her very own scone at a big-girl breakfast tomorrow morning with mama and Beatrice.

But I’m still terrified of what tomorrow will bring. The problem is, the paci is not going away on its own and we decided that there simply will be no good time to go through this so it had might as well be now.


Good thing Beatus is here to comfort me.

Oh wait, did I mention that I just switched her from the bassinet to the pack & play?

So, maybe not so much comfort.



4 thoughts on “Week 17.

  1. I had 1 who took a paci. She kept losing them and one night we got tired of it and said if she couldn’t find one of the fourteen in the house she could just sleep without it. Thus she was paci-weaned. Just be prepared to wake up several times at night the first week or so. After that, for us it seemed to normalize.

  2. Nothin’ like a little grandparent attention to give children a bit wider sense of their worth.:) So glad y’all had that time together!

  3. Saw where Elmo is doing something called…Put Down the Pacifer…or something like that. Think it is suppose to air the first week of November.

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