Week 16.

My in-laws are flying into Pensacola tonight. Hooray!

Week 16.

In light of this fact, apartment-scrubbing got added to The List and it turned out to be most satisfying. Let me tell you: if I had known how my heart would sing every time I look at clean baseboards, I would have cleaned them a lot sooner. I sure felt like I burned a lot of calories afterward, too.

(I should add, for honesty’s sake: things still aren’t quite as spic + span as I would like, but they’re as good as this mother-of-two can make them during naptime.)

The kiddo on the right knows that grandma and grandpa are coming to take her to the zoo, but the one on the left has no idea how much squishing and cuddling and loving she’s in for.

Oh, and speaking of the kiddos: what could be cuter than two cute girls in cute matching dresses?

Numpin, that’s what.

Now I just need to convince the weather to stay cool past 10 am so we can add some cute tights to the mix. Mama wants to start wearing sweaters, too.

Hear that, weather? The two cutest matchingest girls on the planet and their mother have logged an official request.


5 thoughts on “Week 16.

  1. How could your photos get any cuter, but they do! Oh my word, those matching dresses wrench my heart! Are those pink HANDKNITTED sox that Camilla is wearing???? With silver shoes–perfect!

  2. Oh my gosh, the girls are so precious! And, what a gorgeous contrast with the white couch against their purple dresses. We miss you all terribly and these pictures melt my heart even more. Still makes me well up with tears when I think of having to leave. You are such a wonderful, loving, and kind mommy, Paula. Joshua is so blessed to have you for his wife and mother of his children. You are a gift and grace to our entire family. Thank you for posting these pictures. They can only begin to show how beautiful and sweet Camilla and Beatrice are. We’re so thankful we got to actually be with them.

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