Week 12.

I just had one of those charming moments when everyone was screaming except me. Eesh. But now they are both asleep and I can breathe for a few minutes before starting on the naptime chores.

This week’s photos were a bit of a fabric failure. Overwhelming yellow, anyone?

Week 12.

The fabric is actually pretty cute: a nice lemon with tiny white butterflies. But it’s kinda hard to tell when you look at the pics. Oops.

I’m at the point where I’m down to the odds and ends in my stash and I’m starting to buy a yard here and there. And when I do, I try to keep in mind that the fabric will hopefully go into a quilt someday. My tentative plan is to make two zig-zag quilts that alternate between colors and white, like this one (my dream girls’ room has two matching painted headboards and twin-size zig-zag quilts). Obviously there’s no need for twin-sized anything in the near future, but as long as I’m buying fabric it really helps to have an outcome in mind. Especially since that particular quilt pattern rules out some of my usual picks, as anything with a large print is going to look funny.

So, I’m trying to pick out fabric with small prints in an assortment of colors that looks decent together. Then, when the girls are bigger, I’ll let them pick out their favorites and take on the massive undertaking that is going to be sewing two full-size quilts. How long can Camilla sleep in a toddler bed..?

Scheming about sewing is really a lot more fun than actually pulling out the machine, anyhow. I’m currently into projects that are small and finish quickly, like friendship bracelets. Ooo, I am having fun with those. I saw a few patterns online, picked up some thread (floss?) at Joann’s, and got started. So far I’m up to one necklace, two wrap bracelets, and two regular bracelets, and I’ve got a big thick one that I’m working on now. They are so cheap and fun and a very nice nursing project. Yes, I really should finish knitting that purple sweater I started for Bea, but the heat sapped my knitting enthusiasm and this cold spell isn’t going to last long enough to bring it back.

I’m thinking about hosting a friendship bracelet swap on this here blog so I don’t end up just making them for myself. If I did, would any of you want to play along?

(To see all Beatrice’s weekly photos together, look here.)


3 thoughts on “Week 12.

  1. Check out “crazy mom quilt” blog for an easier zig zag pattern. I’m making one as a graduation present for Sam. We have good taste!

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