Week 11.

I was a day late at taking these again. This was husband’s first full week at school and it kicked my butt a little.  Things improved toward the end thanks to some transportation assistance from other families at school…listening to a baby shriek in her carseat isn’t the nice way to bookend your work day. But things should be better from here on out.

Week 11.

Given the amount of drool and finger-sucking that I’ve seen, I think one cause of distress might be some teeth wanting to make an early appearance. Poor babe.

Camilla just wanted to face-plant on the fabric for this shot.

Speaking of Camilla, she has also been falling apart more often than usual. Yesterday, during a rare lull in the car commotion, I felt brave enough to attempt a quick run through the Starbucks drive-through. All was good when I placed my order, but the line between ordering and the window was long and by the time I got to the end I was listening to a chorus of wails from the back.

The barista literally heard my distress. “We accidentally made an extra cappuccino, ma’am…do you want it?” Why yes, I did.

Beatrice and Baby.

And let me tell you: cappuccino + frappuccino = a very caffeinated and productive afternoon.

Who, me?

Who, me? Be difficult? What are you talking about?

Bea still isn’t sleeping through the night, but we usually get a 5 hour stretch now so it’s not too bad. And you know what? She acts like a “normal” baby at naptime. I remember reading sleep advice like this when Camilla was young: Start putting your baby to bed while she is still a little bit awake and pat her back until she falls asleep. After a few weeks, you’ll find that you can lay her in the crib awake and she will go to sleep by herself. Words like these sounded so cruel after months of nights when I would glacially lower my sleeping child into her crib, only to have her eyes fly open as soon as she touched the mattress. Anything other than a deep limp-limbed sleep would result in instant wailing as soon as I put her down, and even then it was like playing roulette. But Beatrice? My sweet, sweet little Bea? I can swaddle her, rock the bassinet until I see her eyelids droop, and then shut the door. And she falls asleep. Our scheduling isn’t perfect and her bedtime wanders by about an hour, but oh — she is so gloriously good at napping. What a delightful quality in a second child.

I will finish with two photos that Josh took the other morning outside our door.

Just thought I’d share that. Pensacola has the best clouds.

Have a good long weekend, all.


5 thoughts on “Week 11.

  1. Where are the baristas with an extra shot of compassion & caffeine when I need them?? After having baby #2 I decided that all establishments should be drive-thru: banks, libraries, post office, quick healthy food cafes, etc. Even if both kids are wailing, at least you do not have to take them out of the car and have them wail while you wait in line. And if you are lucky enough that one is sleeping in the car, hurray! you get a little quite time and don’t have to transfer them out of the car which always wakes them and makes them cry.

    • Leah, that is so true. Beatrice is usually crying in the car, but a drive-through wouldn’t subject everyone else to the same thing. We have pretty much given up on the library for now since it’s too hard to manage a fussing baby, a toddler who only wants to tap on the computers, and an armful of books. So a drive-through library would be the best invention ever. :)

  2. Brian is in love with the last picture of Beatrice. It’s our new screen saver. (chuckle) Loved seeing Camilla and Bitsy together. Had to laugh at the naked dolly. So typical of young children. Some day she’ll change her mind. Wish we had clouds like that here in PA! Gorgeous shot.

  3. Those clouds are so irritating–why can’t they do that over Pullman? I totally agree that you guys get the BEST! Bea’s mouth looks an awful lot like Josh’s…I would say identical. It’s genetic, I’m sure. Love you, Mum

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