Week 10.

For the first time since Bea was born I forgot that Wednesday was, well, Wednesday and that I needed to take a photo. Oops. So these are from yesterday.

Week 10.

In my defense, this has been a really busy week. Husband starts teaching again today and next Monday we begin our real fall schedule.

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been nice for him to have these shorter teacher prep days, but pick up and drop off are almost inevitably during someone’s naptime and that has led to a lot of crabbiness in the car.

Plus, my confidence (possibly foolish, admittedly) that I can handle the girls all day has gone way up and now I want to Just Do It.

I’m also looking forward to a certain moms’ group starting up again and to hanging out more with friends in general. I kind of feel as though we hibernated all summer and need to come out now. Things are sort of backwards in Florida because the summer heat makes you want to stay in and the winter coolness is the best time for going out. Oh, and we had a new baby this summer.

Thanks for all your helpful comments regarding my last post. Lots of good ideas! I haven’t started anything new yet because a brief foray into the fabric closet led to the discovery of a broken shelf, which led to the need to move my serger, which led to the need to move a bunch of other stuff around, which led to the need to reorganize the linens…you get the idea. Not to mention the discovery a few days ago that Beatrice has outgrown a bunch of clothes and that I needed to go through my newborn – 6 mo clothes storage bin. But hopefully I am now on top of the closet/storage situation now and can sit down during that rare, golden moment when they both — sometimes — nap at the same time.

Ahhh. Wish me luck and that it will happen again today!

(Want to see all the weekly photos together? Look here.)


3 thoughts on “Week 10.

  1. I am most definitely looking forward to a certain mom’s group starting back up too. Sure hope you’re talking about the same on ;-)
    And I just can’t get over how pudgy Bea is!

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