Week 9.

Wow, has this been a busy week. And the weekend shows no sign of slowing down.

Week 9.

It is taking me a while to learn how to Go Places and Get Stuff Done with two kids. This is not helped by the fact that Bea just hates her carseat. I mean, really hates it. Every once in a while we luck out and she looks around silently or zonks out. But usually, every errand / dropoff is set to the tune of a particularly shrill baby wail. I used to think that her cry was so much sweeter than Camilla’s, but it has taken on a new level of screechiness recently that is pretty unpleasant.

Who, me? The fat and happy?

So that’s made things a little more difficult lately. I am just praying that this is a stage that she quickly outgrows.

Big Sister has been active but chipper, as long as she takes long naps. Which I have no control over. So some days we just luck out and other days we don’t.

I will note that I had no idea that a two year old could be so comical. Sometimes it’s accidental (“plip-plops”) and sometimes it’s on purpose (tickling sister’s feet), but all the time it keeps me laughing.

Want to see something fun? Compare this photo:

To this one:


And it’s only been eight weeks since then! I guess we’ll have to stop calling her “Little Bea” sometime soon.

Have a good weekend!

(Want to see all the weekly photos together? Look here.)


3 thoughts on “Week 9.

  1. What a blessing to see how much Beatrice has grown. With many children starving in the world or uncared for, it’s always a comfort to see one so healthy and lovingly supplied. Such a cute tummy. Every time I see her on our screen saver I tickle it. heehee :)

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