Week 8.

Well, we’ve made it through most of Day Two and everybody still seems to be doing okay. My back is pretty tired, though. I really need some muscles somewhere to man up and get stronger instead of just complaining. This baby isn’t getting any lighter, so the only good alternative is to start getting stronger, right? I wonder how long that takes. I want to have arms of steel like my friend Allie, whose firstborn weighs a lot more than Camilla and who has awesome biceps to show for it.

Week 8.

This is my favorite photo from this week. I know I said I’d stop complaining, but the wrinkly fabric is driving me nuts. Anybody have a good, quick suggestion for how to fix it? This time I wrapped one side of the fabric under the rug and put the ottoman on the other and it still got those little ripples everywhere.

I’m also going to sob quietly (again) for my poor departed computer and its Photoshop capabilities. I just cannot get the white balance to be the same each week and some days there are these really strong shadows that I don’t like. And I can do absolutely nothing about it.

For some reason, Camilla wasn’t in the mood to play “next to” today. So this is all I got.

Well, some weeks are just like that I guess.

I have a few posts on the backburner that I just haven’t had time to write. One is about the ring sling I sewed, which has turned out to be awesome. It might be part of the cause of my sore back, unfortunately, but it is so great that I will keep using it anyway. I really really needed a way to nurse Bea while chasing Camilla around the apartment and this is it.

I’ve also been working on an exciting (to me!) new schedule for our family that has been especially helpful at keeping Camilla engaged and me from dreading long blocks of unstructured time. But we haven’t been doing it long enough to have much perspective, so I’ll wait a few weeks on that. I’ll just say for now that part of the schedule includes a daily Craft Time, which has been a big hit. Photos to come…

(Want to see all the weekly photos I’ve taken so far? See this post.)


6 thoughts on “Week 8.

  1. I just went back to August 2009 to try to compare Camilla and Beatrice’s pictures. Do you think they look alike at this age? I can certainly see “now” Camilla in “then Camilla!

  2. I agree with Dawn. The first shot looks a lot like my sister, Jeanne, when she was a baby. What a darling baby Beatrice is. So cute!

  3. Their hair is different and Bea’s nose is a little smaller, but other than that I think they look shockingly similar. I assumed that I would have different-looking babies since neither Josh nor I look much like our siblings, but so far the girls definitely look related.

  4. Hi Paula, I am Ali’s sister, haven’t really followed your blog a lot, but snooped every once in awhile. I just wanted to say how much I LOVED my ring sling for nursing and running around/being out and about whilst still being about to nurse.
    I also wanted to say, that if you can spread the fabric of your sling more evenly around your back, so that it is smoother, you might have less pain. It’s all about spreading out the weight. I hope that helps!

  5. I feel so honored to get a shout out on your blog for my bulging biceps. :-) By the way, I think you’re handling the transition from one to two very well. I’m glad you’re able to navigate the way and give me pointers.

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