Flying solo.

Well, it’s my first day at home alone with two kids. Given that I’m writing a blog post in the middle of the day, it’s obviously going well. A lot of that is due to the fact that our day started late (husband doesn’t need to be at work till 9 for the next two weeks) and that everybody has been cheerful and napping well. But hey, I’m just plain grateful. I have looked forward to this day for a while with mixed apprehension and anticipation and, well, it’s finally here. I am still slightly terrified of the fact that I am outnumbered and everyone could start crying at once (or that a certain someone could decide to be very naughty when I am nursing the baby and can’t do anything about it right away). But I have also been really been wanting to know that I can do this. With a lot of prayer and encouragement and occasional help from my friends, I can mother these two girls. At the same time. By myself. And put some food on the table, and keep the house in a relative state of cleanliness.


I think I’m going to be tired tonight.


One thought on “Flying solo.

  1. Wrinkly fabric idea: you know those accordion fold cardboard cutting boards used for garment sewing? (I’ve had the same one for about 20 years). Could you fold the fabric edges around the board and temporarily tape to the back? Not a soft surface but the fabric would be smooth.

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