Week 7.

This was supposed to go up yesterday but, to be frank, the last couple of days have been really exhausting. After a short foray into the big girl bed, Camilla had to go back to the crib and has just been napping really poorly in general.  As a result, things have been very noisy and emotional around here. Yowzers. Once again, I am so glad that husband is still at home to help decide on a parenting strategy (not that he wouldn’t when he teaches, but this way it’s real time).

In case you didn’t notice, I started a post here that I’m going to update every week with my two favorite pics. Grandparents, godmother, and assorted relatives: you’re welcome. Everyone else: thanks for your patience. But you have to admit, she’s pretty darn cute.

These are the rest of the photos from yesterday. Can you see how pleasantly plump Bea is getting? Very rolly-polly. And goodness, she is so strong! She loves standing, and if you just barely steady her under the arms she can keep herself upright. That seems pretty good for seven weeks, right?

Squeezing her knee chub.

(Even Camilla likes to squeeze the knee chub.)

Here’s the whole family playing “next to.”

Notice that husband got sweet new glasses, too.

My three favorite people.

Even Kitty got a turn.

Well, I have a few projects that I’m trying to work on but there’s just not a whole lot of down time. I bought some linen and just got my sling rings in the mail so that I can try to make myself one of these. In my dream world I’d just order this one, but I trust you can see why that’s a dream. I noticed that Joann’s has dupioni silk, so if the linen version turns out okay I might try one for special occasions. I will keep you posted. Anything that gives me an extra hand or two when I’m at home with both kids sounds like a Godsend to me right now!

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