She’s all hugs.

Eesh, this has just not been a great day. Beatrice was fussy and didn’t nap well, the hours went by slowly, and matters culminated in a disastrous attempt at a family walk that ended up with me nursing in the aisles of TJMaxx while husband ran home with Camilla to get the car. Lesson learned: do not attempt to walk before 7 pm at the earliest. It is just too freaking hot.

On the plus side, Camilla took her nap in the Big Girl Bed(!!!) and little Bea sported my favorite baby onesie all day.

She's all hugs.

How can that not bring a smile to your face?

Now, I am generally not a fan of printed or embroidered clothes on babies. It annoys me to no end to find a nice polka-dot dress and then discover that some designer found the need to embroider bees on the bottom and add a line about how the wearer loves her daddy. Hopefully she does, but you don’t need to spell it out for everyone.

Anyhow, this one won me over and was probably the only outfit with writing that Camilla ever wore. I wish I had a photo of her in it for comparison.

Excuse me while I admire my baby for a moment.

I did snap some pics this morning of my new glasses and the shocking amount of white hairs that I have sprouted recently. New glasses have also made me re-evaluate my hairstyle, so you’ll have to excuse that as well.

They’re Dolce & Gabbana, although I was more attracted to the frame than to the label.

New glasses.

They make me feel smarter, although — alas — that is not actually the case.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “She’s all hugs.

  1. I personally think you could be one of those glasses advertisements where everyone looks at the beautiful woman sporting the cool glasses and thinks, oh my word, maybe I’ll look like that when I wear those specs! Beatus is DARLING! I saw this onsie in your pile, but I didn’t realize she would be wearing it so soon… She has changed so much since I left, but even more darling! Love, mum

  2. I think you’re beautiful :-) And oh, my goodness Beatrice is growing so fast and she has such a Camilla look on her face in picture #3!
    As for the gray…just be thankful you haven’t got the whoville piece…the one that grows right on the top of your head and stands straight and is curly all at the same time. It’s like something out of Suessville :-)

  3. Paula, the glasses look great, and so do you! The girls are gorgeous, no matter what they wear. Regarding your views on baby clothes, I am glad that while I’ve been shopping for a couple things for the baptism, I completely bypassed the bibs and other accessories that are embroidered to say, “My godmother loves me!” I do love her, of course, but even / am not so tacky as to want that advertised on a bib. (not sure how the text will look — I used a forward slash in lieu of being able to italicize “I”, above).

    BTW, years ago I read a study had confirmed that children with astigmatism are measurably more intelligent than kids who don’t need glasses. I assume that holds true for adults, too. (And I am blithely lumping together anyone needing eyeglasses into that category, regardless of whatever circumstances have led you and Josh to need them).

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