Week 5.

So, I have discovered why there are fewer photos of second children: you don’t have a hand free to hold the camera. (SLRs are probably even worse than point & shoots in this regard because you really need two hands.) We’ve done a bunch of fun things with Camilla lately that were so cute and I even had my camera in the vicinity, but I was holding and often feeding a certain baby the whole time and just couldn’t manage anything else. Sigh. I guess that’s what memory is for.

Week 5.

It’s hard to believe, but Beatus Beatrice is five weeks old already. And she is becoming so much fun!

She’s definitely awake a lot more these days, and when she’s napped and well-fed, she’s pretty content to just sit and look. And look, and look, and look.  She is currently obsessed with our front window, which evidently has the perfect blend of brightness and contrast.

Little Bea is getting pretty strong and can lift her head up, she just didn’t feel like it for this photo. When you hold her, she always wants to be looking over your shoulder and I barely support her head anymore.

Oh, I should also mention this week’s new development: smiles!

A hint of a smile.

They don’t come very often and you sometimes have to tickle her nose to bring it on, but I just love how it transforms her round little face.

Bright eyes.

I guess “bright eyes” is a pretty good nickname, eh?

Speaking of eyes, both husband and I had eye appointments recently and we are getting new glasses for the first time in five years. Yay! He’s ordered his already and I am hauling the whole family to the Glasses Store tomorrow to help me decide between three pairs. What can I say? I am indecisive. Plus, glasses are the one wardrobe item that I wear every single day so I definitely need a second opinion. Maybe I will post a pic when I get them. :)


4 thoughts on “Week 5.

  1. Really cute! How much is Camilla talking? I LOVED watching/listening to my kids learn to talk. Cassie was an early and loquacious talker who had a (gasp) period of stuttering that totally freaked me out. Sam had multiple articulation errors that, at the age of four, he ticked off one by one. If every kid was like him, I’d have trouble finding work! Hope all is well – can’t wait to see your new glasses.

  2. To me, these pictures really begin to show the Marston side of the family. The top picture looks like a blend of you and Josh and I think Beatrice looks like Trudy in the third picture from the top….jmo. Really love her little smile and seeing Beatrice and Camilla together. So sweet.

  3. Dawn, Camilla is a complete chatterbox except in front of strangers, when she clams up. It took her a while to use sentences and she still doesn’t speak them very often, but she has a huge vocabulary and her pronunciation is usually pretty good. We love hearing her little voice, although she has hit upon the annoying habit of repeating something over and over and over when she wants it. Sigh. I guess it doesn’t take a human very long to realize that repetition gradually wears people down… :)

  4. Looking at your blog was one of the most encouraging spots of my paranoid life the last two days…Beatrice has blue eyes! I knew it! And a smile to send this grandma to the moon! I want to be there! (in Pensacola, not the moon) A neighbor lady just told me about airfarewatchdog and I signed up immediately. I can hardly wait for the next week’s photo shoot. But I LOVED your commentary on spiritual priorities; the unseen is what’s important, and ultimately it becomes seen. You blessed me. I love you, honey. Mum

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