We enjoyed one last influx of family before my mom flew back to Washington yesterday (sniff). Tim, Hilary, and baby Annie came for a few days so we decided to line the babies up and take a cousin photo. Unfortunately, it was a little hard to get everyone napped and happy at the same time and Beatrice ended up getting the short straw.

Trying for a cousin photo.

Poor kid.

It also turned out that, while nice for seeing the small-medium-large effect, this particular angle made it just about impossible not to get some extra feet.

I think Tim got the best photos with with enviable lens and height advantages (plus the fact that his child was happy as a clam). If he ever posts them — hint, hint — I’ll be sure to share the link.

I think Annie might have something to say to Beatrice someday about why she’s deaf in her right ear…

Ransom, we missed you! I look forward to the day when we can get all four (soon to be five) cousins in the same photo. Even if they’re not all happy.


3 thoughts on “Cousins.

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  2. I wish your photos had a sound track to go with them–it would make this even funnier, if that’s possible. I love your sense of humor, honey, especially when you are so tired you can hardly move! Please don’t give up on the weekly photos. Believe me when I say they are FASCINATING. I just wish I was there for you to photograph my hand in the corner again…

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