Week 2.

I’m running a day late this week because I accidentally scheduled a bunch of appointments for my photo day. It turns out that, after a mere two weeks, Beatrice is up to 9 lb 5 oz and 21.5 inches. That’s 2 inches of growth (unless someone made a mistake early on, which I think is possible) and 7 ounces over birth weight. Need I mention that she likes to eat? A lot? All the time?

Anyhow, here are this week’s photos plus some outtakes. I still can’t decide if I want solo baby, baby in the center with Camilla on the side, or a sister shot. Here are my top three contenders:

Week 2.

I was thinking that I would have to coax Camilla into participating, but as soon as she saw the fabric she shouted “next to! next to!” (because last time I told her to lie down next to Beatrice) and immediately flopped on the carpet. Um, okay. I had no idea you felt that way. Camilla is really a sweet sister, as you’ll see below. I don’t know that these photos will make it into the “final” project, but I am so glad that I have them.

I think she might be plucking a hair.

As a side note, I did have some trouble with the fabric wrinkling this time. This is particularly annoying since you can’t really do repeats with a weekly photo project. Maybe I’ll safety-pin it to something stiffer next time. Any other suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Week 2.

  1. I love seeing both the girls together. Such lovely pictures. The third one from the bottom is my favorite. Their little facial structures look very similar. So dear.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I like how much Beatrice looks like Josh in the last one. I don’t mind the wrinkled fabric – it seems to express the activity happening on top of it!

  3. Oh goodness, those are cute pictures. I love this idea! I would have a hard time picking out my favorite as well… “Beatus” is looking mighty adorable these days. I keep meaning to make her something and send it your way but I keep forgetting. Maybe if you bug me about it I’ll remember and mail something out.

    • I’ve been thinking about knitting something for little Togglebuttons as well, but seeing as my free time took a serious dive I don’t know if I’ll finish before he’s born. So, there’s no pressure. :)

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