Week 1.

I mentioned that I wanted to try a weekly photo project like this one, and yesterday marked the end of week 1. [Motherly sidenote: Wow. Beatrice is over one week old. Unbelievable.] I am really serious about wanting to make this project work and not be one of those things that fizzles out after a few months. So to that end, I am working on a set of rules that hopefully give me enough flexibility to keep this up for 52 weeks. Currently, those rules are:

1) Try to take and post the photo on Wednesday, but Tuesday or Thursday are okay if that just doesn’t work out.

2) Use fabric I have in my stash before I go out and buy new stuff, and also look around the house for other textiles (curtains, pretty towels, etc.) that would work.

3) When I do buy fabric, try to make sure it will work for the future sister quilt project that I can’t stop daydreaming about (current crush: this zig-zag style).

4) Possibly have Camilla in the photos as well (more on this below).

I really like Young House Love’s white-onesie-on-patterned-fabric style, so that’s what I’m sticking with. However, I’m not sure about Photoshopping the number on top (plus, I still don’t have a computer with Photoshop) so I’m skipping that for now. I might add the number in a corner later on.

The real question is whether or not I want to try to include Camilla’s wiggly, unpredictable toddler-ness. If not, then I think this (not completely edited) photo will be week one:

Week 1 (option 3).

If I want to include Camilla, though, there are a couple of options. For example, I can just include whatever bit of her fits inside the frame (arm, leg, face…) like so:

Week 1 (option 1)

I kinda like that, especially since patting Beatrice’s soft little head is one of her favorite things to do right now. And mine.

But then there’s also the undeniably adorable side-by-side sister shot.


This is where the wiggly toddler part comes in, though. I love the shot above. But I have no confidence that I am going to be able to replicate it every week.

Instead, I’m guessing that I’ll get a lot of this.

Or this.


And maybe occasionally a sweet bit of this.

But I think that the essence of a weekly photo project is finding a shot that can be replicated with a few simple variations to show how the baby has grown.

What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Week 1.

  1. I think she’s beautiful :-) Can you use a combo of the ideas…if you have a great shot of Camilla and Beatrice use it but if not just the whatever part of big sister is in the frame gets included?
    I’m really no help am I? Sorry! But she really is beautiful and Camilla suddenly looks so big!

  2. Wow, what is it like to have a sister? I think this will always be a mystery to me. I love the shot with both and Camilla is looking up at the camera. That is seriously wonderful.

    Your lighting is great. It looks natural. Will you be able to control it on cloudy or nighttime photo shoots?

  3. Lauren, I have window film up on all our windows and it casts a very nice, diffuse light (although the day I took these was cloudy). I didn’t realize until afterward that an ottoman was casting a shadow on Beatrice’s face, so I want to touch that up and be more careful next time. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  4. Oh my goodness! So beautiful, precious and lovely! I got all teary looking at these…I love sweet Grandma in these pictures too, but I guess she can’t stay for 52 weeks…………. :(

    Blessings and congratulations to all of you!


  5. I love this idea…and your photos are beautiful! I’d like to steal this idea for Addie…can’t believe how much she’s changed since June 15th! It’s flying by…and I’m so exhausted…how did 4 weeks already pass?

    Your daughters are lovely!

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